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Susan Ding

Susan Ding

Every day there are new challenges, opportunities, and achievements to look forward to, and I enjoy communicating and collaborating with colleagues, clients, and prospects.

What is your title? How long have you been with CSC’s Global Financial Markets (GFM)?

My title is senior GFM manager Shanghai and I have been in this position for two and a half years since February 17, 2020.

Give us a little insight into your role and what you do.

I’m based in Shanghai and lead the team there to deliver corporate secretarial, accounting and tax services, human resources, and other professional services according to our clients’ needs. We focus on ensuring the most efficient and highest performance and service standards for all our clients.

Why did you choose to work for CSC?

Before joining CSC, I served as financial director and controller for large manufacturing and engineering companies in Shanghai. Drawing on more than 20 years of operations, financial management, and accounting experience, I helped companies invest in the region. We implemented financial strategies and managed projects to maximize client investments and reach revenue goals. These previous work experiences enabled me to acquire a deep understanding of the thinking, habits, working styles, and other aspects of global investors, and refined my communication skills across diverse cultures.

What is your day-to-day work like?

I coordinate internal and external tasks for the CSC China offices, including Shanghai, Beijing, and Shenzhen. This includes responding to requirements or issues from local authorities, dealing with suppliers, office management, staff requirements, internal accounting, software and IT, and anything else that comes up. My responsibility is to create a well-run internal and external environment for the business to grow.

What do you love most about the culture here?

CSC has an open communication environment with respect for people and the ideas they bring to the table. We take social responsibility and ESG (environmental, social, and governance) seriously and we’re truly committed to leaving our communities, clients, and partners better off tomorrow than they are today. Although it’s just “doing business,” it can change the world.

What gets you excited to start work in the morning?

Every day there are new challenges, opportunities, and achievements to look forward to, and I enjoy communicating and collaborating with colleagues, clients, and prospects. It’s gratifying to use my knowledge and skills to serve the team and our clients. Receiving their feedback is the most interesting thing to me and gives me an opportunity to grow along with the business. I’m excited by the growing number of clients, the expanding business and our performance, and the increasingly beautiful world we are contributing toward.

What are you learning now and why is it important?

English! I need to accumulate more language expertise to meet our current work requirements, to express myself more accurately, to improve communication effectiveness, and to represent CSC well.

Name something—big or small—that you’re really good at.

I’m good at listening; I’m sympathetic, optimistic, and fearless of challenges. Listening and being sympathetic helps me discover people’s strengths and gives me more patience in communication and cooperation with others.

When you tell people about your job what surprises them?

My familiarity with the internal and external environment, regulations and rules, business policies, and especially foreign investment in China. It is gratifying to use the advantage of being familiar with local customs and policies to make CSC’s and clients business progresses proceed smoothly. It’s rewarding when they realize we can help with challenges and tasks that confuse or frustrate them.

How is the work-life balance? Are you supported in pursuing outside interests?

The work-life balance is good with CSC; I feel happy and healthy both at work and in my personal life, and I’m supported in pursuing interests outside of work. Those interests outside of work bring happiness, and relaxation into my life. One of the things I enjoy is attending painting exhibitions and lectures. Good painting brings joy to the audience, and good work performance is the same when it comes to services for our clients. The common core is the intelligence, effort, and the passion people bring to the work.

What opportunities do you see developing in the industry in the next five years?

In Asia, the capital is flowing in, the population is growing, and the economy is developing quickly. CSC’s business and prospects in China are closely related to China’s economic development prospects and those are strong. The next five years should be good even though the pandemic and other current issues weighed down the economy. I look forward to continuing economic growth in China that will lead to good prospects for CSC—and for my future professional career as well.

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