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Vic Law

Vic Law

One of the things I love most about CSC is our culture of diversity, equity, and respect for everyone.

What is your title? How long have you been in your current position?

I’m the corporate accounting manager for the APAC Hong Kong office and joined the CSC family in June 2020.

Give us a little insight into your role and what you do.

As team lead for the accounting and tax team in the Hong Kong office, I support the team to provide quality accounting, payroll, audit liaison, and tax filing services for our clients. Our team is not limited to statutory filing, we also provide a variety of accounting services such as the application of e-banking, financial reporting, budgeting, and more to meet our clients’ operational needs.

Why did you choose to work for CSC?

Before joining CSC, I worked in various multinational companies and accumulated expertise on in-house accounting teams. I joined CSC because it’s U.S.-based, a leader in technology and because the open-minded management culture supports me on my career path. In return, I share my experiences with the team and provide insight and support on client issues.

What other roles have you held at CSC?

Apart from my main responsibilities, I joined the APAC Go Green Committee this year and hope to contribute more in the ESG (environmental, social, and governance) area to the company and for society in general.

What has your career growth looked like at CSC?

When I joined CSC, I led an accounting team with five accountants. About six months later we were included in a restructuring and two teams were merged. I was appointed to lead the accounting and tax team which included managing a much broader scope of service and more team members. It was a big challenge, but I knew I had the support of senior management. Now, two years later I’m more confident and realizing my capabilities to lead.

What makes your team different?

Each team member is unique with different qualities and strengths. When we work together as a team, our diverse talents help us overcome different kinds of challenges. For example, we have a younger generation joining the team. They may not have as much accounting experience, but they are keen to adopt new technology and quick to learn. Their interest in exploring new features of technology and applying it to different client scenarios helps the team excel in our daily practice.

Other than the people, what do you love most about the culture here?

One of the things I love most about CSC is our culture of diversity, equity, and respect for everyone.

What gets you excited to start work in the morning?

Meeting with clients and helping the team resolve different kinds of issues as they come up. There are always new things to learn, such as leadership skills, and always new clients and business partners to meet. All of this keeps me interested in continuing my work and I’m excited to see what each day will bring.

What are you learning now, and why is it important?

I participate in webinars once or twice a week to ensure I receive up-to-date information about the market and industry. For example, AI (artificial intelligence) is a common topic recently and there are webinars hosted by different organizations to help people understand its application. It’s good to know best practices in the market and be able to share observations, knowledge, and experience when serving clients.

When you tell people about your job, what’s one thing that surprises them?

People are often surprised at the new technology that we’re adopting and using on behalf of clients. For example, the application of cloud base accounting and our adoption of paperless accounting practices like cloud platforms are very impressive.

What is the working environment like? How do teams work together?

The Hong Kong office is relatively small, we have only 25 people in the office. However, our investment in technology helps the team work efficiently. For example, our application of a cloud-based accounting system supports the team even when we’re working from home. We have additional cloud platforms that make sending out documents easier and more secure for our clients because they don’t have to send physical accounting documents. It helps save time and expense on both sides, so it’s a win-win solution. With Microsoft Teams, CSC team members can work very closely with external or internal clients and set up meetings anytime and anywhere there is a need. There’s no limitation on physical distance in communication.

Do you have any interests that tie into your work at CSC or are there certain qualities that your work and outside interests share?

I like to travel and discover new places and cultures and meet new people. Although the pandemic changed travel patterns, I visited two or three countries each year in the past. I’ve been to the U.S., Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Japan, and more. It’s the same with work. I’m interested in meeting clients, understanding their company’s culture, and finding out how the business is doing.

What opportunities do you see developing in the industry in the next five years?

In Hong Kong, it’s hoped that the development of the GBA (Greater Bay Area) will provide business opportunities for the industry. The team looks forward to an open border with China that will allow our clients to explore opportunities in China and Hong Kong. For the industry itself, greater adoption of new technology will help us to continue to position ourselves at a premium level.

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