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Yan Desombres

Yan Desombres

At each step in my career, my leaders have been really supportive. I learned a lot from them. They’re here to help you do your job as best as possible.

What’s your title and how long have you been in your current position?

I’m a digital brand consultant in our Paris office, and I’ve been in this role for the last two years now.

What has your career path looked like at CSC?

I’ve been in this industry for a while. I started to work in 2013 in London for NetNames as part of the Fulfilment Team where I was first a fulfilment specialist and then a fulfilment team coach. I moved back to France after taking some time to travel and took over the position as the equivalent of client service partner. CSC acquired NetNames a year later. Since then, I’ve been given the opportunity to try different roles. In 2018, I moved to a strategic account manager role and today I’m a digital brand consultant.

At first, I didn’t really consider myself a salesperson, but this new experience has given me a new outlook on things. I enjoy the conversations I have with my clients, especially helping them understand why some of our services can benefit their company and their brand, solve issues they have, or prevent future ones.

What’s your typical day like?

I usually start with email to see what’s been sent during the evening because I have some clients who are based in different time zones. Sometimes I’m waiting for feedback from U.S. teams. I’ll check on the latest pricing so I can send proposals to clients. Then I’ll call clients to follow up—I try to get as many clients on the phone as I can to get them interested in our services and see where CSC could be useful for them.

Has there been anyone who’s been important in your growth at CSC?

At each step in my career, my leaders have been really supportive. I learned a lot from them. They’re here to help you do your job as best as possible. And each of them have been quite important.

Other than the people, what do you like most about the culture at CSC?

If there’s an issue, we work on it and fix it to match our clients’ expectations. We’re really aware how important our work is to our clients. We focus on security and service and we can see that it pays off with our client satisfaction.

What makes your team different?

I think we’re as much friends as we are colleagues. It’s been complicated with COVID, but we try to connect on Teams so we can get together and grab a beer or get lunch. It’s quite important to have a good atmosphere at the office.

What gets you excited to start work in the morning?

We have our weekly meeting Mondays, and I get to speak with colleagues about what’s new in the domain name industry. The discussions are always interesting. We understand how the base of the internet works and the risks of this space. When you see in the news that a company is having issues with their online services, most of the time you’ll understand what’s happening.

Is there anything new you’re learning that’s important to your job?

The interesting thing with the domain name industry is you learn new things every day and the scope gets bigger and bigger since we’re focusing more and more on security.

What surprises people when you tell them about your job?

They usually don’t understand exactly what I do, so I compare building a website to building a house, and talk about the different elements involved. They’re also surprised to learn that some companies have a portfolio of 3,000 domains. And when I talk about the brand protection aspect, they usually don’t know too much about it. When I started in 2013, I had no idea that this industry existed. I guess it’s the same for most people.

How is the balance between your work life and free time?

I live in Lille in the north of France and work in Paris. With my schedule and the great train connections, I can enjoy living outside of Paris in a city I love. I’m not the only one. I play football after work every Wednesday with one of my colleagues, and I have time to do the things I like. That gives me a good work-life balance.

What opportunities do you see developing in the industry in the next few years?

There’s a big switch toward security because it’s so important for our clients to ensure that the services related to their domain names continue to function properly, so I believe that new security features will come into play. Considering the rise of NFTs, I can see helping our clients monitor those to protect their brands on this space as an area we’ll be watching.

What advice would you give someone who wanted to join CSC?

Learn as much as you can, and you’ll enjoy what you do. This is a really interesting industry.

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