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Zachary Rosenberg

From my first days here, my colleagues and directors have been considerate and have helped guide the next steps in my career, even when I hadn’t yet seen the potential in myself.

What is your title and how long have you been in your current position?

I’m a manager in the Private Equity Fund Administration Client Services group in the New Jersey office and have been in this role for about a year.

Give us a little insight into your role and what you do.

When I started at CSC, I was doing a lot of prep work. That’s essentially preparing capital call and distribution calculations, waterfalls, allocations, and financial statements. Those tasks were my focus. Since being promoted to manager, I’ve shifted into reviewing the work, it’s more of an oversight role. I’m responsible for my own work as well as the work of my team–coordinating schedules and timelines and the workload–that sort of stuff. I also have been exposed to more administrative responsibilities: training new employees as well as maintaining client relationships.

What did you do before you joined CSC?

I was working in New Jersey as a senior fund accountant and moved over to PEF Services LLC as a supervisor in 2019. I was promoted to manager about the time PEF Services LLC was acquired by CSC.

What has your career growth looked like at CSC?

I was looking for a work environment that would be collaborative and where I could contribute directly. When I started with PEF Services LLC in 2019, I soon found that it offered everything that I had been looking for from a smaller company. From my first days here, my colleagues and directors have been considerate and have helped guide the next steps in my career, even when I hadn’t yet seen the potential in myself. I was initially worried when PEF Services LLC was acquired because CSC is a large corporation. But I’ve been pleasantly surprised. We’ve maintained our small office feel, the vibe hasn’t changed. It’s allowed me to continue my relationships with the directors who have been guiding me and helping me reach my goals.

The nice thing about this company is that it’s whatever you make out of it. You’re always being given opportunities. If you take those opportunities and succeed, you’ll be recognized for it and asked if you want to take the next step. There are always chances to do things you aren’t used to doing on a dayto-day basis–you just need to be willing to say “yes”.

What gets you excited to get to work in the morning?

This kind of accounting is interesting work. It includes an element of puzzle solving that fascinates me–figuring out where all the numbers should go and moving things around until you get there. It’s also very deadline driven, so that’s kind of exciting too. Not only do we have to get this puzzle solved, but we must do it by the end of the day!

What is the work-life balance like? Are you supported in pursuing interests outside work?

Yes. I have a wife and a three-year-old daughter and want to spend quality time with them. I am also a runner and try to run five miles a day. This position is demanding and absorbing, but it also allows me to care for my family and for myself. Partly it’s due to being able to work from home, but it’s also the environment of trust that is part of our culture. My director trusts me to wake up in the morning and complete what I need to get done. The trust is there because I deliver and do my work, there is always honest communication going both ways. Our directors here legitimately want us to be happy and enjoy pursuits outside of the accounting workday.

What are you working on or studying that is exciting to you right now?

Even though I haven’t been a manager for long, reviewing comes somewhat easily to me because I was previously in a position where I did the prepping. It’s similar work in a different capacity and so that’s been an easy adjustment. What I’m working on now is how to mentor and be a leader for staff accountants. That is a substantial change and a new kind of challenge. It’s great to be able to give back the kind of support that was given to me when I first started. For some of the people I’m working with, this is their first job out of college. They’re learning how to take ownership of their work, how to schedule and prioritize, things that come naturally only after you’ve been doing them for several years. It’s rewarding to be at a point in your career where you have a chance to pay it forward.

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