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Celebrating Black History Month

Black Employee Network Leaders Being the Change They Want to See

Jeff Lyons, CSC senior copywriter

Learn how our Black Employee Network leaders are adding to a culture of inclusion as they offer personal reflections on Black History Month and life at CSC.

Tiffany Van Beverhoudt
Senior Data Research Specialist

I've learned so much about our culture and the history of those who have come before us. Black History Month is a time to reflect on the many accomplishments and achievements of the people, who have gotten us through the toughest times throughout history.

As I continue my own growth path, my work with BEN has helped give me more confidence and knowledge to be a great leader. I work alongside other leaders as we provide our colleagues from all walks of life with an opportunity to learn, grow, and educate themselves about Black history and the present. Whether through events, round tables, or other activities, groups like BEN and other colleague resource groups here at CSC make an impact on what it means to be inclusive in the workplace.

Tiffany states, "It's a time to gain understanding about the amazing people whoe have gotten us through some of the toughest times in history. I've learned so much abd have so many reasons to be proud."
Greg states, "Hearing about our achievements in spite of the many hurdles that we had to overcome inspires me to never give up on my journey."

Greg Dale
Communications Specialist

Black History Month has always been a great time to learn and share the incredible stories of my people. Hearing about our achievements in spite of the many hurdles that we had to overcome inspires me to never give up in my journey.

I want to be at the forefront of positive change. That's what inspired me to first get involved and become a Black Employee Network (BEN) leader at CSC. I'm able to help create a space for people who have shared similar experiences and challenge myself to be more vocal about what's needed to build more inclusive spaces. CSC does a great job in celebrating Black History Month and I'm proud to help make a difference throughout the year.

Erika Isaac
Service Team Lead

A special time to reconnect and learn from our ancestors, Black History Month is also a time a pour into teaching my son more about the importance of our history.

Being a part of BEN, which provides a sense of belonging and sharing of experiences, has been essential to my personal and professional growth. We provide ways for our community to be involved. We host events to share individuals' talents, perspectives, life experiences, and an overall safe space. As a BEN leader, it's my hope that I'm contributing to that same sense of belonging for others. I've always believed in “if you see IT, you can be IT!” Now as a CSC leader, I'm trying to BE the representation people see.

Interested in a workplace that'll help you reach your professional goals without compromising who you are? At CSC, we're building a space of inclusion and appreciation for our greatest asset—our people. Find out what makes us different. Visit and learn more on our Diversity and Belonging page.