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CSC Paves the Way for Professional Growth

Business analyst has found support, encouragement, and new opportunities.

Jeff Lyons, CSC senior copywriter and PR manager

Shaelynn Setting wanted to be a writer. But after graduating from Kutztown University in Pennsylvania, the English and professional writing major was having trouble finding work in her field. Little did she know her career journey was just beginning, and the skills she acquired in college would help her find a home at CSC.

“I couldn’t find anything in the writing field,” she recalls. “My fiancée, now husband, had gotten a job at CSC and he loved it here—the culture and the people—and then I saw an opening. After some research and looking at CSC’s careers site, I applied and found a role on the Global Accounts Receivable Team. I started as a phone rep and did that for about 18 months, assisting clients and answering questions,” she says.

While it was a good starting point, Shaelynn says she wanted more responsibilities. Continuous professional and personal growth is common at CSC and encouraged at all levels. Through access to free LinkedIn Learning courses, mentoring and upskilling programs, and more, employees are provided the resources and support to own their careers. “I’m just someone who needs a goal—I don’t work well if I don’t have a goal,” she says. “I wanted to find something that would challenge me.” And Shaelynn got that opportunity. Her leader at the time told her she’d do well in Marketing. Shaelynn was allowed to shadow the affiliate manager, which she enjoyed. “The affiliate manager was moving into a new role within CSC, and my leader said it could be an opportunity for me,” she says. “She encouraged me. She always helped me find more responsibility, helped me find another opportunity, and really pushed me.”

Shaelynn then became the affiliate manager in the Small Business Unit—, which is now part of CSC’s Corporate and Legal Solutions business. “Law firms, accountants, banks, and an array of other companies offer registered agent services through,” she explains. “I ensured that active affiliates received their discount codes and got paid on time, and I answered questions they had about working with us. I did that for about a year.” Companies around the world trust CSC as their partner to help them run their businesses smoother and smarter, and the meaningful contributions that employees like Shaelynn make daily are the reason for the company’s success for the last 120 years.

Next was a role as a business process analyst. Early in her career at CSC, Shaelynn got to sit with a business analyst and was very impressed with the job. “But I was so intimidated by it, I never thought it would be something I could do,” she says. Determined, she decided the best thing to do was to talk to someone in the role she wanted to learn what makes them successful. “I’ve done that with every role I’ve had. I ask what they like and hate about the role. For anyone who may be exploring what’s next for them in their careers, don’t be afraid of a position that seems out of reach.”

In her current role as an expert technical business analyst, Shaelynn runs the company’s next generation service of process projects. “I maintain and organize our backlog while providing direction and clarity on the project vision to our development team,” she says, adding that she’s also responsible for mentoring junior business analysts on the team.

While her journey over the last eight years has included several roles, to say Shaelynn is happy at CSC would be to greatly understate the matter. “I need to love what I do, love who I do it for, and love where I do it—this role hits all three,” she gushes. “My leader is very inspiring, and she encourages us to meet our potential. I love my team. And I love the balance the company provides between work life and home life. It’s all of those things that make me want to stay here.” It’s uncertain what new opportunities await Shaelynn, but she’s certainly up for the challenge.

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