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Developing and Retaining Talent

CSC program rotates recent grads through positions to find the right fit

Jeff Lyons, CSC senior copywriter and PR manager

Developing the right talent has been key to CSC’s success for more than 120 years. It’s helped grow the company’s expertise in areas of business as well as drive innovation and empower their greatest asset, their people. It’s through programs like Rising Talent that CSC prioritizes professional growth.

Rising Talent candidates go through a rotation of several jobs within Digital Brand Services (DBS), one of the company’s largest business units. During the 16-week rotation, candidates are eligible for a full-time position at any time during the program. From cybersecurity to handling domain name records and more, participants help customers run their businesses smoother and smarter. Myah Downes, Paulina Luna Medina, and Brandon Ferrie were each finishing their studies at Delaware colleges when they learned about the program.

Myah was a student at Delaware Tech when she discovered the program after visiting CSC’s website. “The program is designed for recent graduates,” she says. “For most fulltime roles, you need to have some level of experience, and Rising Talent is an entry point to get that experience. You could work with different teams through DBS and that was the entry point I was looking for.”

During her 16 weeks in the program, Myah worked with the Payments and Renewals Team, Top-Level Domain Support Team, and Global Readiness Team. She says the Payments Team was a good fit for her and excellent preparation for working in the corporate world. “The program, and really CSC in general, gives you a taste of what goes on in corporations, the types of projects they work on, and what goes into creating a successful work environment,” she says.

Having since completed Rising Talent’s rotation, Myah has moved on to another upskilling program, Zip Code Wilmington, an intensive 12-week program where people learn to become software developers. CSC not only hires Zip Code graduates directly but also sponsors current employees who are interested in pursuing a technology career. At the end of the program, Myah will return to CSC equipped with key coding skills and ready to take on her new full-time role as an associate software engineer.

After four years in the U.S. Marine Corps, Paulina was a cybersecurity major at Wilmington University when she learned about Rising Talent. She attended a Rising Talent networking event and liked what she heard.

The program is geared toward December graduates and provides the opportunity to learn from and join a company that’s been the trusted partner for businesses and a Top Workplace for several years. It also offered the opportunity for her to use skills developed as a maintenance data specialist in the Marines and as a service desk analyst in the private sector.

Paulina’s Rising Talent journey began with the Internal Projects Team within DBS. “And then I went straight to the Domain Name System and Special Operations Support Team. I was supposed to work in different jobs in different departments, but this (DNS SOS) was the one that really interested me.” While the program is intended to last 16 weeks, the focus is on matching the right talent to the right business need at the right time. Because of this, Paulina was offered a full-time position within the first month of the rotation.

Her current title is technical product support coordinator, where she handles budget report requests and internet traffic report requests. She’s worked on secondary projects from auditing DNS for certain registries to analyzing vendors for level of risk as part of the business unit security initiative. At some point, Paulina thinks she’d like to return to enterprise technology specializing in security. “Rising Talent is a great opportunity to get your foot in the door at CSC,” Paulina says.

Brandon discovered Rising Talent while browsing LinkedIn. “I thought I’d apply and see if I got accepted. I was looking for rotational programs, so Rising Talent really piqued my interest.”

He found his interest early on in the program. “I mainly stayed on the Pricing and Invoicing Team for two or three weeks,” he says. “A fulfillment generalist position was opening up. I met with a couple of leaders and had an interview. They extended the offer and I accepted,” says Brandon. He put his MBA studies on hold at Goldey-Beacom College in Delaware to take the CSC position. “With Rising Talent, I was looking to rotate across different teams and get a synopsis of what everyone does. I was hopeful it would turn into a full-time position, which it did.”

He’s finishing his training for fulfillment processing and assisting with orders for new domains, domain transfers, and domain modifications with the Generalist Team. He also helps the Trademark Clearinghouse Team in processing trademark orders.

Brandon enjoys the freedom working at CSC provides him. “At CSC, you have more freedom, and they trust you to do your own work and I love it,” he says. “No one’s on top of you, always badgering you about what you’re working on. But there’s a feeling of support or help if you need it.”

As the company grows, CSC continues to invest in its people and their career journeys—looking for new ways to empower them to be their best selves and thrive as they pursue their passions. “If you want to venture out to a different department or change your career path, you can do that within CSC,” Paulina says.

Interested in a workplace that’ll help you reach your professional goals without compromising who you are? At CSC, we’re building a space of inclusion and appreciation for our greatest asset—our people. Find out what makes us different. Visit and learn more at