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It's Good to Be Back

Employees thrilled to return for a second go-round at CSC

Jeff Lyons, CSC senior copywriter and PR manager

Whether it’s a new opportunity or a family obligation, employees leave a job for a variety of reasons. However, the right combination of developmental opportunities and a people-centric culture, can often lead to their return. For more than 50 people, CSC has been that welcome landing spot for returning employees since 2020. Imran Ali, Roxy Chowdhury, and Julia Miller are among those who chose to come back.

Imran was working with CSC’s Financial Technology Team in 2016 in Wilmington, Delaware, when his wife was offered a position requiring the family to move to upstate New York. “So we moved, and I found new a job,” Imran says. After working for five years in New York, Imran was ready for a change.

Flexibility and work-life balance remained top of mind during his job search. “I came across an opening in financial technology with CSC that sounded very interesting, and the job could be done remotely.” At CSC, many employees work in-office, remotely, or on a hybrid schedule, depending on the role and team needs. Regardless of where individuals sit, they’re trusted to find and deliver superior solutions for their customers. “An added bonus was that I knew most of the people I’d be working with, and my prior two years here was a very pleasant experience, so I was excited to return.”

“I didn’t have any doubts about accepting the offer and getting a chance to work with the same people,” Imran says, noting that his onboarding experience was the smoothest he’s gone through in his 25-year career. “The company is very people-centric, and the leadership is very approachable and warm.” Being genuine and dedicated not only to its customers, but to its people, is one of the primary values that has been part of CSC for more than 120 years. It’s through this caring and inclusive approach that the company has thrived and is routinely named a Top Workplace, both regionally and nationally.

Roxy was an enforcement analyst in the company’s Digital Brand Services (DBS) business in Cambridge in the United Kingdom and left CSC in 2019 to pursue her master’s in law. After completing her studies, a friend from CSC told her the company was looking for a senior enforcement analyst in DBS. Roxy was interviewed and rejoined CSC in January 2021, where she now performs uniform domain name dispute resolution.

She says the team has grown since she left, and she’s thrilled to be back in Cambridge. “Not only do I get to work with my Cambridge colleagues, I also work with people in the U.S.,” she says. “My team leader is in Madison, Wisconsin. I really enjoy working with people from all over, training them, and being trained by them.” Because CSC has offices in 14 countries and across the U.S., employees engage and connect with peers from around the world. This growth and knowledge sharing is central to CSC’s success and one of the many reasons people choose to grow their careers here.

Roxy says the company’s support since her return has been outstanding, adding that it feels like she never left. “The only difference is I have a different team leader, but she’s been the best. If there’s anything I need, she’s very approachable.”

It didn’t take Julia long to realize she wanted to come back to the company after leaving for a government position. After four months away, she missed her colleagues in CSC’s Logan, Utah, office.

While she was gone, she kept in touch with her leader. “He’d check in to see how I was doing,” Julia says. “I finally told him I wanted to come back.” She’s been back with CSC since November 2021 and has no plans to leave. Julia is now a real estate support agent, working with counties who use CSC eRecording and supports calls and cases that come in from external customers or internal teams.

“I really like the job because I’m actually accomplishing something for the customers and contributing,” Julia says. Meaningful work is at the cornerstone of what each team does at CSC, and the open lines of communication throughout the company, allow employees to see their immediate impact on its success. “I wanted to be happy coming back and working somewhere that I enjoyed working. And CSC really offers me that.”

There’s an old saying, “You can’t go home again.” Imran, Roxy, and Julia, who have all returned for a second goround at CSC, would respectfully disagree.

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