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Reaching New Heights Through Mentoring Program

SEAM pairs employees to identify and develop emerging talent

By Jeff Lyons, CSC senior copywriter and PR manager

With more than 7,500 employees around the world, CSC is committed to empowering its people to bring their experiences and perspectives to the table. One way the company does this is through its latest initiative—the Strategic Equality Alliance Mentoring (SEAM) program. SEAM is an eight-month diversity mentoring program that pairs employees who have similar career goals in a way that identifies and develops emerging talent, specifically amongst historically underrepresented groups.

Susie Hudson, a senior learning and development specialist at CSC, is one of the mentors from SEAM’s first cohort. Her mentee, Keon Wiles, is an associate HR technology engineer. “We always start out every meeting with ‘tell me something good,’” she says. “No matter what’s happening, there’s generally something good to talk about.” The pair meets weekly, either in-person or remotely, using Microsoft Teams.

“We have a wide range of discussions, which is a really awesome part of our relationship,” Keon says. “In one session we may focus on professional development and career trajectory, and then in another conversation we may just talk about what’s going on in our personal lives. It’s been a well-rounded relationship-building process.”

“We've talked about what we need to develop to get where we want to be in life and in our careers,” Susie says. It’s straightforward, open, and honest communication and conversations like these that allow the people at CSC to truly grow.

Through initiatives like SEAM, the company continues to build on its Diversity and Belonging Program, which focuses on five key areas: identifying and hiring more diversified talent; increasing diversity in leadership at all levels; connection and celebration of achievements; expansion of philanthropic efforts; and increased awareness, understanding, and appreciation of differences through a shared commitment. “It’s a rewarding experience for everyone involved. You get to learn and challenge your own perspectives,” Susie says of SEAM. “Any opportunity to learn someone else’s story, aspirations, and goals always appeals to me.”

For Keon, one of the aspects of the mentoring program that stood out was the opportunity to pair with a longtime leader at the company. “I’ve only been working full-time for about 18 months, but I wanted to take advantage of all the opportunities CSC has to offer,” he says, which includes meeting regularly with an experienced employee like Susie, who’s been with CSC for more than 17 years. Other resources that Keon and others have found helpful in nurturing their professional growth include free LinkedIn Learning courses and custom career growth tools, which are all accessible to CSC employees.

At the end of the eight-month mentorship, SEAM participants walk away with timeless, priceless assets—incisive career advice, eye-opening perspectives, and more. “I certainly have thrived and grown from this program,” says Keon. “I’ve learned a lot about myself, and I’ve also gained a new friend.”

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