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Record-setting Year for CSC Interns

Biggest intern class ever leaves mark on company and community

Jeff Lyons, CSC senior copywriter and PR manager

The biggest intern class in CSC history has wrapped up its work, taking with them a summer of hands-on learning, new connections, and community service. The company received thousands of applications for the 2022 summer internship program, and just 84 people were chosen. Chris K., Rut Patel, Samantha Facciolo, and Gianni Garvin were part of the intern class and shared some of their most significant takeaways of their time with the Top Workplace.


The program’s goal is to make sure interns leave CSC with relevant work experience. Across various business units and departments, the interns take on work that expands their knowledge and opportunities in their chosen fields.

Chris, a rising senior at Susquehanna University in Pennsylvania, worked with the Legal Team at the headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware. He spent his summer doing legal research and learning about myriad tasks the team must handle at any given time. “I want to go to law school, and the internship gave me a chance to see a side of the law I hadn’t really seen before,” he says. “I was an intern for a public defender, so I’m more familiar with the criminal side of the law but working on the business side has been really eye-opening.”

Supporting the interns’ growth is a priority for all leaders at the company and a way to ensure they get the most out of their time with CSC. As a research data intern who worked remotely with the Digital Brand Services business unit, Rut says he really appreciated the encouragement he received from his leader. “She was always asking what I wanted to work on,” says the University of Illinois econometrics major. “She had her own projects that she wanted us to work on too, but still asked us what we wanted to learn and gave us leeway to explore the things we wanted to explore. For example, I wanted to learn how to make a script and our leader helped me obtain the tools needed to do that.”


Networking events are a highlight of the 10-week program, giving the interns the opportunity to connect with other students and as well as people already working in their chosen occupation.

Samantha, a rising junior at Temple University, cited meeting and working with the various groups as one of her favorite parts of her internship. “I’ve never worked in a professional field like this, and I love meeting new people and networking. It’s broadening my education and giving me an idea about the real world after college,” said the marketing major. Samantha also interned with the Digital Brand Services business unit, one of the largest with the company.

For those working remotely, CSC also offered virtual networking opportunities. “This program hosts a lot of different events for interns to not only network, not just learn, but to also develop your professional skills. Being remote, you get to attend them through Zoom,” says Rut.

Company Culture

Interns were able to immerse themselves in the company’s culture, including the values employees live by daily, one of the things that makes working at CSC such a unique experience.

“Everyone on my team was so nice. Everyone who sits around me got questions from me all day. But they didn’t mind at all. They were happy to help and teach me. It’s amazing how nice everyone was,” says Gianni, who was an Enterprise Technology intern and has since accepted a full-time position in CLS as a customer service associate. She first learned about CSC during her time in the Tech Impact technology bootcamp, one of several organizations that CSC partners with to discover talent.

“An internship at CSC provides a unique opportunity that not many other internships offer,” Chris says. “You get to learn about the company and support the business, and then get involved with something bigger to help people. It’s been a really cool experience.” A culture of service and teamwork remain core to CSC, which resonates at all levels of the company.

Giving Back to the Community

Part of CSC’s purpose is to make its communities better off tomorrow than they are today. Interns, working in teams, take on a charitable project and then report to company leaders about their efforts as the internship program winds down.

Through in-person volunteering, bake sales, and more, the 2022 intern class supported 14 different organizations over the summer. Any donations collected were eligible for the company’s charitable matching program.

Internships are so much more than a summer job. They’re an opportunity to gain real-life experience and kick start many professional careers. At CSC, we’re proud to help influence the next generation of leaders, who will undoubtedly reimagine the world all for the better.

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