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Season of Giving

The People of CSC Spread Cheer Around the World

Jeff Lyons, CSC senior copywriter

All year long, the people of CSC dedicate time and resources to help better their communities. But the end of the year always has a special place in our hearts as we celebrate the Season of Giving. From collection drives, fundraisers, and more, our people come together to spread holiday cheer around the globe and to give back in new, festive ways.

Below are just a few stories that showcase how our people are bettering our communities from our offices around the world.

Philadelphia Treats for Troops | Delaware, U.S.

To express appreciation and gratitude for all the sacrifices our troops and their families have made, Jennie Romano led the charge in making this holiday season a little more special. The compliance and service manager arranged for care packages, handwritten cards, and utilized monetary donations to obtain additional supplies to be sent to Philadelphia Treats for Troops, who then sent the items to active-duty service members overseas. “Giving back to the military is important to me because I currently serve, and I understand the sacrifices and dedication required in this role,” she says. “I've witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by military personnel and their families, and I believe in supporting them through initiatives, charities, and acts of gratitude to ensure they receive the recognition and assistance they deserve for their service and commitment to our country.”

Card-writing stations and collection boxes were set up across four of the Delaware offices. And her colleagues were more than happy to help support Jennie and her cause. As a result, they were able to assemble care packages for more than 100 active-duty service members!

Team Hope | Dublin, Ireland

In the heart of Dublin, Ireland, colleagues rallied together for a cause that transcended borders and touched lives across continents. Spearheaded by the unwavering dedication of client accounting senior manager Karen McKenna and client accounting administrator Patrick Foley, the Christmas Shoebox Appeal for Team Hope captured the essence of generosity and goodwill. The event, which saw 40 meticulously prepared shoeboxes filled with love and care, symbolized a collective effort far beyond our workspace.

This incredible initiative brought smiles to 40 impoverished children in Eastern Europe and Africa, igniting little sparks of joy amid challenging circumstances. “The best Christmas gift is to realize how much you already have,” Karen says. The donation of thoughtful treats included overwhelming support from the extended family of Daniel Lodge, an accounting team manager, who contributed an astonishing 12 boxes and exemplified the depth of compassion within our community. “When he went home and told his family we were collecting fun-filled shoeboxes for impoverished children, many of [them] wanted to help and donate,” said Karen. “His kitchen kept getting shoebox deliveries from his extended family—what a wonderful family to be a part of!” From individuals who dropped off boxes to those who donated online and others who found moments amid meetings to frantically wrap gifts, each gesture played a vital role in this heartening achievement.

Savaan’s Trust | London, U.K.

Angie Wong, a senior product owner with CSC’s CLS RegTech team, is a dedicated supporter of Saavan’s Trust. The charity honors her son’s close friend, who was killed in a plane crash. For this year’s CSC Season of Giving, Angie held a cake sale supporting Saavan’s Trust, which builds schools for children living in less privileged parts of the world, a cause close to Saavan’s heart. Angie says the charity serves as a beacon for the grieving family and offers educational opportunities for children facing poverty.

“The cake sale was an opportunity to bring people together in the London office,” Angie says. “They got a break, ate some cake, and shared their time and funds, both commodities that are limited. During the four hours, we exceeded expectations and raised an amazing amount!" Angie sees initiatives like the cake sale as powerful tools to unite people for a common cause, demonstrating the generosity of individuals contributing their resources for the betterment of others. She encapsulates the spirit of giving back, viewing it as a unique privilege to share knowledge, wealth, or time with those in need.

Project Comfort | Delaware, U.S.

Committed to bringing some holiday warmth and cheer this season, members of our Delaware office teamed up to stuff their trunks for Project Comfort this December. Project Comfort provides a warm blanket, handwritten card, and personal visit to residents in nursing homes over the holidays.

This year, Laura Crozier (senior copywriter, Marketing), Melissa Hitchens (cash applications specialist), and Justin Rodriguez (sales director), organized a “stuff the trunk” collection drive to benefit the charity. They spread the word around CSC, encouraging donations, and colleagues were more than happy to contribute. "Participating in the blanket drive for Project Comfort has already been rewarding and overwhelming in the best way,” says Laura. “Our goal for this one-night event was 100 blankets, and we ended up with almost 120 because our CSC colleagues are the absolute best!”

Following the collection, the trio stuffed their cars to the brim and delivered the items to the charity where they’ll be sent to those in need. “They spent their lives taking care of us, and now it's time to take care of them,” Laura explains.

Interested in joining a company that cares? CSC is committed to bettering the communities that have helped shape who we are as an organization. We support the causes that matter most to our people, and work together to help our people, partners, clients, and communities thrive.

Learn more about how we give back all year long on our CSC Gives Back page.