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Make Your Internship Work for You

There’s plenty to consider before accepting a position for the summer

Jeff Lyons, CSC senior copywriter and public relations manager

Finding the right internship can be one of the biggest challenges a college student will face. CSC’s John Andreoli was a summer intern in 2021 before joining the company full-time and running this year’s internship program. He has plenty of advice for students seeking opportunities.

Expanding Your Parameters

“You need to put your name out there, even if it’s for a position you might not have previously considered,” says the talent acquisition coordinator. “Get a feel for the company, the recruiters, and the leaders so you can understand the values behind the company.” John says that due diligence will help you find an internship that works best for you. Many companies have profiles not only on their sites, but also on career platforms, which provide more holistic views of daily work life. CSC is active on The Muse and Glassdoor, in addition to social media, offering an insider’s perspective on the values and people that have helped the company thrive for more than 120 years. “From there, it’s about putting together the pieces to end up where you want to be,” John says.

John Andreoli

Deciding Which Internship to Accept

As a business administration major at West Chester University in Pennsylvania, John had several internships to choose from before deciding to join CSC. He says even during interview calls, CSC’s culture stood out and helped him decide how to spend his summer.

“I talked to a talent acquisition partner and had three other interviews with the team I eventually ended up working for,” he says. “They very clearly mapped out what I’d be doing. They told me about the project they had in mind for me and how I could grow professionally. The fact that they were upfront about everything during the interview process was very helpful when it came time for me to decide.” A culture of direct, open, and honest communication resonates throughout CSC and has helped both employees and leaders shape their career paths.

Soaking Up New Experiences

For many interns, the program is their first chance to experience the realities of the working world. “There are opportunities to build relationships with both leaders and co-workers,” John says, adding that those relationships can be important when it comes to looking for full-time work. “You’re also learning valuable new skills, building on everything you’ve learned in school. Be open to learning new things and be a sponge for information.”

He admits not knowing much about the company before his internship began and he joined CSC’s Digital Brand Services business, where he worked with domain names. “That was a whole new ballgame for me. I was a project manager, and I found the comfort to explore the job and take it on for whatever I wanted it to be. Being able to grow and pick up more responsibilities as the weeks went on was extremely valuable.”

John worked fully remotely during his internship because of the pandemic, but could still ask questions, get guidance, and feel like part of the team. “I could network with team members and leaders at different events and weekly meetings. That helped bring me outside my comfort zone, which is very important on the professional side of things. That was one of the best things I got out of the program.” With more than 40 offices—several of which are international—CSC has made it a priority to create a space of belonging and togetherness. Virtual workshops, lunch and learns, challenges, and more have helped establish an inclusive environment.

Making a Difference

Part of CSC’s purpose is to make the communities in which its people work better off tomorrow than they are today. Employees across the company support more than 200 causes annually, and that caring spirit extends to our interns. Each summer, interns take on a charitable project and either raise money for a cause or help an organization. As their internships wind down, they make a presentation to senior leadership about their philanthropic endeavors.

“It’s an opportunity for all interns, from all different departments and facets of life, to work together for one specific goal,” John explains. “We give the interns the chance to be involved in something bigger than themselves, while learning about CSC’s values.”

“Some groups do bake sales and others have collection drives, placing bins throughout the offices for donated goods,” he says. “Some do GoFundMe pages. My group raised money for a nonprofit with a profit-sharing night at a restaurant where the charity got a portion of that night’s sales.” John’s group started a GoFundMe for the charity, the B+ Foundation, and added a 50-50 raffle at the restaurant— and the winner gave the money right back to B+.

CSC’s internship program helps the company discover the next generation of talent while providing college students with valuable real-world experience. If you know someone who would benefit from an internship with CSC, encourage them to apply and learn more at

Interested in a workplace that’ll help you reach your professional goals without compromising who you are? At CSC, we’re building a space of inclusion and appreciation for our greatest asset—our people. Find out what makes us different. Visit and learn more at