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CSC is a top workplace

We are a global company capable of doing business wherever our customers are—and we accomplish that by employing experts in every business niche we serve. We leverage the vast industry expertise our employees bring to the table, and present new insights to customers, offering more than just tools and handling more than transactions. We take time to understand the nuances of every business we serve so we can deliver the right solutions to help it run better.

Our customers say our unrelenting commitment is what makes us unique, and in return, our customers value the people behind the process. More than 90% of the Fortune 500® rely on CSC® for their business, legal, tax, and digital brand services. From representation and compliance, to legal and tax services, as well as digital brand services—we make business possible around the globe.

CSC now has more than 2,500 employees in 53 locations and 17 countries. Learn more about us and our services.