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Sustainability at CSC

CSC is committed to our purpose of making our communities, clients, people, and partners better off tomorrow than they are today. Sustainability as such is rooted in our DNA—it's a fundamental part of who we are and how we think and act.

As a global organization with colleagues across offices worldwide, CSC aspires to positively impact the world in which we live and work. We fulfill this through our clear corporate purpose and strong stakeholder governance.

We measure our success as a business not only by our ability to deliver valued services and products, but also by how we create long-term shared value for our people, clients, suppliers, society, and the environment. The sustainability strategy and commitments are overseen by the board and developed and implemented by our Sustainability Council.

CSC is built on a foundation of giving back to our communities. Moving ahead, we'll remain steadfast in our dedication to public service, because service is our middle name. Service—to our people, partners, clients, and communities as we strive to create a better tomorrow for everyone.

Our commitments

We're determined to help achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. Our approach is led by what matters to our people, our clients, and society where we are guided by the U.N. Global Compact and the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We pride ourselves on demonstrating the highest levels of conduct in a way that maintains the trust and respect of our clients, regulators, industry bodies, and service providers. We do not enter into relationships with individuals or organizations engaged in illegal or unethical activities. We establish long-term business relationships with clients who respect the U.N. Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

We have zero tolerance for any kind of discrimination. Diversity is at the core of our workforce, helping us attract and retain the best and brightest talent, and to understand and respond better to the nuances and needs of the clients we serve.

Our flexible working guidelines support employee well-being, work-life balance, and a smaller carbon footprint resulting from reduced commutes

Our digitalization strategy not only disrupts our traditional paper-based industry, but it also supports our efforts to combat climate change as we move to replace hard-copy documentation and use electronic signature technology wherever possible.

Our CSC Gives Back program supports colleagues who devote time and expertise to better the communities where they live and work. In doing so, they not only bring public awareness to social and environmental subjects, but they actively help our communities to be better off tomorrow than they are today through volunteer work and fundraising.

We look for new technologies to enhance and improve our business infrastructure while reducing our carbon footprint and impact on the environment. We actively support sustainability within our owned office spaces through environmental initiatives including green roof areas, planting trees, stormwater control and rainwater collection, high-performance window glazing, daylight harvesting, and programmable LED lighting. Our headquarters meets the highest requirements in terms of sustainability and technology while also focusing on the health and happiness of our colleagues. By striving to reduce our carbon footprint and make environmentally friendly decisions across our global operations, we ensure a bright future for all generations to follow.

We provide a secure, reliable, and compliant reporting service in every jurisdiction—something we take very seriously. We have robust IT, information, and data security as well as risk, governance, and compliance departments, and we place great importance on having global oversight across CSC. Adhering to regulations and protecting our clients' interests and reputation are fundamental to our success and maintaining integrity as a business.

As part of our ongoing evaluation of service providers, we conduct due diligence of their operations, procedures, and values in relation to our own guiding principles, ethics, and social and governance standards. We look to attract the kind of clients who also want to work with socially responsible and ethical businesses.

Making an impact

As we navigate the landscape of business, CSC recognizes the importance of sustainability in shaping our future. At CSC, we're proud of our commitment to environmental and social responsibility and to the positive impact we strive to make. The following are highlights of some initiatives already in place that mark our commitment to build a greener and more sustainable world.

  • We've implemented measures to calculate and reduce our carbon footprint through measurement of our greenhouse gas emissions. We're investing in renewable energy and energy-efficient practices such as installing solar panels and EV chargers. By embracing cleaner technologies and processes, we aim to contribute to the global fight against climate change.

  • Our commitment to sustainability extends to waste reduction and recycling initiatives. We're actively working toward minimizing single use plastics, promoting responsible waste disposable practices, and encouraging recycling in all offices and regions. Our offices regularly participate in annual beach and community cleanups, striving to make a positive impact in the areas where we live and work.

  • Our colleagues are at the heart of our sustainability journey. Through education and awareness programs, we empower our teams to integrate sustainable practices into their daily routines. This includes eco-friendly commuting options, such as riding a bike to work, flexible working from home or office schedules, reducing paper use, and encouraging responsible consumption both in and out of the office. By fostering a culture of sustainability, we believe in creating lasting change from within.

  • Diversity is our strength. Through our Diversity and Belonging program, we're committed to making positive change and bringing our vision of an ever-inclusive environment to life. Our well-being champions promote healthy lifestyles in all we do, and our “You Spoke, We Listened” biannual survey tells us what colleagues think about working at CSC. We're committed to improving the results every year.

  • As responsible corporate citizens, we understand the importance of giving back. CSC Gives Back, our philanthropic program, is committed to making a difference in our communities. We support hundreds of local and global registered charities. We've also proudly matched donations by colleagues to causes they're passionate about. By actively working together with local and global charitable organizations, we help to strengthen our commitment to social responsibility and our ability to grow as an organization and create a better world.

  • Other global sustainable measures include partnering with vendors who comply with our sustainable goals; planting trees to preserve the environment; harvesting honey from beehives on our campuses; using sustainable utensils and products in cafeterias and social cafes; and many more.

As we continue to innovate and evolve, our commitment to social and environmental stewardship remains unwavering.

Our policies

At CSC, we pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards of ethics and integrity in all aspects of our operations. Our commitment is reflected in our comprehensive policy framework, designed to ensure that we conduct business responsibly, ethically, and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

  • Employee handbook:
    It's the cornerstone of CSC's ethical framework. It outlines the standards and principles that guide our business practices, ensuring that we operate with integrity and respect for all stakeholders.

  • Modern Slavery Statement:
    CSC is committed to fighting modern slavery and human trafficking. This reflects our dedication to ethical practices and vigilant risk management, ensuring the integrity and dignity of all aspects of our operations.

  • Compliance Hotline Policy:
    CSC is committed to providing an environment where individuals feel comfortable discussing compliance problems, no matter how big or small—and where people can safely and confidentially come forward to identify instances of fraud or other serious concerns.

  • Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy:
    CSC conducts business in compliance with all laws and regulations that prohibit bribery or similar misconduct. Our robust Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy outlines our commitment to conducting business fairly and legally, emphasizing the importance of ethical decision making in every transaction and interaction.

  • Tax Policy:
    We adhere to international tax standards and comply with tax laws in all jurisdictions where we operate, contributing our fair share to the communities we serve.

At CSC, we believe that these policies are not just regulatory requirements but are integral to our mission and values. We continuously work to ensure that our policies are effectively implemented and embraced by all colleagues, fostering a culture of integrity, responsibility, and ethical leadership.

All our policies are published internally, and available to all our colleagues. For detailed information contact