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Why choose CSC

From supporting initial plan design with your advisors, through ongoing plan management, CSC’s team of experts provides comprehensive specialist support for share plans, pension and savings plans, deferred compensation, and carried interest plans. As our client, you’ll have the support of a large, dedicated team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who understand the complexity of ever-changing rules and regulations and who provide end-to-end trustee management and plan administration services. Our team works with prestigious clients from all industry sectors and has unparalleled experience to tailor administrative solutions for clients.

World-class service

You’ll work directly with our dedicated team who are experts in compensation plan services, implementation of holding structures, and plan administration.

Industry-leading solutions

We focus on the technical administration, governance and delivery of your plan using market-leading, innovative, and flexible systems.

Trusted partner

Our team of experts have been supporting client’s compensation plans for over two decades and are trusted by leading legal and other professional advisors across the globe.

Industry-specific solutions

CSC offers a wide range of services for international retirement, savings and End of Service Benefit (EOSB) plans. CSC acts as the professional trustee, providing governance, drawing on years of experience in acting as trustee on pension trusts and employee benefit trusts (EBTs). From working on pension and savings plans for major multinational clients across the globe, CSC has the expertise to support your pensions and savings plan, including:

  • Pension trust, EBT, or other special purpose vehicle (SPV) establishment to act as a holding vehicle for plan assets

  • Selecting and monitoring investment options that are appropriate to your plan

We offer sophisticated portal-based plan administration, providing member engagement and plan-wide communication programs—as well as a bespoke, configurable plan administration platform providing easy access to reporting. A dedicated Operations Team will handle regulatory reporting and compliance, conflict and sanctions monitoring, risk and audit processes, professional indemnity insurance, client due diligence, and business risk.

CSC provides EBT or Share Plan Trustee services, share plan administration and nominee services tailored to fit your company’s unique requirements. Operating for over two decades, our team has significant experience in complex corporate actions such as takeovers and initial public offerings (IPOs) and can add considerable value to these transactions. EBT trustee services can be provided from several offshore and onshore jurisdictions including the UK and Ireland to support tax approved plans. CSC can assist with the following:

  • EBT establishment and trusteeship for share warehousing and satisfaction of share awards for global companies

  • Proactive trustee services in relation to Management Incentive Plans (MIPs) for the private equity industry with significant experience in transaction management and ability to hit tight deadlines

  • EBTs as a hedging vehicle for listed company share purchases and the linked satisfaction of awards

  • The provision of savings carrier services to International SAYE plans

  • Full outsourced share plan administration including client and participant portal access

  • HR support and outsource of plan activities

  • Nominee services provided primarily to private equity portfolio companies in relation to their MIPs; this can also extend to listed companies following vesting should their plans be subject to mandatory holdings periods

CSC can help you manage your carried interest and other deferral plans with market-leading technology, ensuring your carried interest plan is visible, professional, and easy-to-use. We work with technical advisors to implement carry plans that meet regulatory requirements under European and UK regulations, including:

  • The management, rollout, and monitoring of key plan documentation, automatic exchange of information (AEOI) data capture, and award notification of a new fund or award

  • Cashflow monitoring through tracking the participant funding, payroll deductions, EBT loan reconciliations, and distribution reporting

  • Data management, reporting, and online accessibility to information, providing source of truth for both participants and sponsors

  • An implemented legal framework that contains carry vehicles, registered holders, tracking proportionate carry points, EBT warehousing

  • Administration, including calculating vesting percentages, tracking unallocated EBT points, forfeiture, cancellation, and good and bad leavers

CSC provides Trustee and Administration services for complex and high-value deferred compensation plans in heavily regulated, financial services environments. We can assist with:

  • EBT, partnership, or other SPV establishment, to act as holding vehicle for deferred funds

  • Sophisticated portal-based plan administration, providing member engagement and plan-wide communication programs

  • Processing annual or periodic investment preferences and switch windows to operate in accordance with plan rules

  • Record keeping and reporting

  • Managing award allocations, hedging, purchases, profit allocation, switches, sales, transfers, and dividend reinvestment

  • HR support and outsource of plan activities

  • Recycling awards following forfeiture through hedging vehicles to assist with possible dilution issues

  • Making tailored and often flexible deferral arrangements easier to administer

  • Capturing alternative investment fund managers directive (AIFMD) through processes and structures aligned with latest financial services regulations, for example, Malus and Clawback, key hire award buyouts, and bespoke material risk taker adaptation and associated reporting


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