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Global Payroll Services

Navigate the complexity of international payroll requirements

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Managing global entity operations in multiple countries can be incredibly complex and time consuming, especially when it comes to managing employees and the monthly payroll process. Overseeing different local regulations, compliance uncertainty, and monitoring various local deadlines—not to mention managing multiple vendors, time zones, currencies, payroll output templates, and languages—can make the payroll process complex and burdensome. CSC is your partner and will help ensure your global payroll process runs smoothly.


With CSC managing your global payroll, you'll benefit from a centralized Global Payroll Service Team and consolidated technology platform.

Your single touchpoint for payroll in multiple countries that allows for secure communication and data exchange, workflow management, and reporting.

The central dashboard enables full visibility on payroll progression in all the countries, and local payroll data is consolidated into consistent global payroll reports.

  • Employee portal: Allows employee access to payroll slips and documents.

  • Accounting connect: Integrates payroll module into accounting systems.

  • HR connect: Connects HR systems to platform.

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