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Document Retrieval

Retrieve documents when you need them

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When you need to retrieve documents, odds are you need to do it quickly. You may need to protect a particular client's information, wrap up a financial transaction, or speed up multiparty litigation. With CSC, you can easily retrieve your important business documents when you need them. It's the smart way to protect your reputation and ensure compliance with legal regulations.


CSC can retrieve your entity's official documents filed with states, counties, and other jurisdictions and agencies.

Our document retrieval specialists can retrieve:

  • Short- and long-form good standing certificates

  • Certificate of status

  • Certificate of existence

  • Certificate of fact

  • Tax status certificates

  • Certified copies

  • Formation documents

  • Restated articles of incorporation

  • Bring-down certificates

  • Apostilles, authentications, and legalizations

  • Copies of all documents on file

  • Copies of amendments, annual reports, qualifications, reinstatements, and withdrawals

  • Copies of assumed names, doing business as (DBA) names, and fictitious names

  • Certificate reciting conversion or merger



CSCNavigatorSM is our proprietary secure hub for our unified legal and compliance management network of solutions—powering CSC corporate compliance solutions, entity and matter management, service of process, annual reports, and business licenses.

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You obtain tax status certificates (or letters) from the Department of Taxation or Department of Revenue. They affirm that an entity is current with its filing requirements or, if applicable, give delinquent status.

You will typically need tax status certificates:

  • Financial closings and other transactions

  • Due diligence searches

Formation documents vary according to entity type:

  • Corporations: Certificate of incorporation, articles of incorporation

  • Limited liability companies: Articles of organization, certificates of formation

  • Limited partnerships: Certificates of formation

Learn more about CSC's Entity Formation services.

You obtain a bring-down certificate from a jurisdiction to provide written confirmation of your entity's status at a certain date and time. You can receive it in the form of real-time online search results on CSC letterhead or as a verbal report. You will typically need a bring-down certificate for:

  • Financial closings

  • Due diligence searches

  • Property transactions

  • Reconfirming a document filing

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Sales of assets

  • Refinancing

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