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Captives and Reinsurance Services

The reinsurance business allows companies to lower the cost of insurance by establishing their own captive reinsurance companies. In many cases, statutes and regulations require a reserve to be held with a regulated reinsurance trustee. Businesses face hurdles associated with remaining in compliance with ever-evolving regulations, mitigating risk, ensuring transparency, and maintaining operational efficiency. CSC, with many fully regulated subsidiaries globally, offers solutions for clients to navigate these challenges.

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When selecting a reinsurance trustee, safeguarding assets is of utmost importance. Segregating trust funds, transparency, offering an array of investment options and efficient execution are the most important considerations.

Specialized services are crucial for addressing these unique challenges in reinsurance trust management. CSC’s Trustee services are designed to fulfill regulatory requirements with a secure and efficient solution.

Our expertise and client-first service model set us apart. Our highly experienced and dedicated team of professionals provide top quality service from the beginning of a transaction to its end through tailored solutions that meet client challenges and transaction needs.

Our services

When statutes and regulations require a trust structure to segregate and safeguard collateral for your domestic or international reinsurance, corporate (both captive and deductible) insurance programs, your CSC team’s experience and expertise offers solutions to support your transaction needs.

Navigate complex financial structures with ease through our SPV Formation services. Our team works with you and your professional advisors through the process of setting up SPVs, ensuring compliance, and optimizing the structure to meet your risk management goals. We simplify the intricate process, allowing you to focus on what you do best—running your business.

Our seasoned professionals offer expertise as independent directors meeting your local management requirements. Benefit from our extensive experience and industry knowledge ensuring transparency, compliance, and effective risk mitigation.

How CSC can help

  • Safety and security:
    We offer a secure platform for the safekeeping of reinsurance trust assets and offer a wide array of investment options. Trust funds are maintained in a segregated account structure for the benefit of the beneficiary. This ensures transparency that funds are set aside for their intended purpose.

  • Client first service:
    A dedicated team of professionals provides you with customized solutions to support your transaction needs. Our team works with you every step of the way from deal inception to termination to ensure your transaction runs smoothly and efficiently.

  • Experience:
    Highly skilled and experienced professionals in the reinsurance trust industry.

  • Operational efficiency:
    Ease of set-up including quick turnaround on KYC and account opening. Our integrated service offering allows for seamless and efficient execution of investments and liquidations.

  • Online reporting:
    Secure online reporting capabilities for easy access to client statements. Statements can be easily downloaded to facilitate review, reconciliation, and monitoring of account balances and activity.

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