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CSC AppealTrack Property Tax Appeal Software

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Property tax appeal management software CSC AppealTrack® helps teams quickly assess the appeal strength of properties and parcels, prepare and track appeals, and serves as a single, secure source for documents, payments, task tracking, tax data, and more.

Ensure appeal opportunities are not overlooked and tax liability is carefully planned for whether you're a newly established business wondering how to best manage your property tax obligations, or an established corporation focused on minimizing taxable liability.

Appeal metrics

Quickly analyze properties, plan for appeal savings, and calculate expected refunds.

Deadline and task tracking

Monitor hearing dates, manage work tasks, and stay ahead of deadlines with a centralized calendar and automated notifications.

Jurisdictional parcel data

Reduce research and data entry with automatically provided parcel data.

Easy collaboration

Assign and share property and parcel data for easy collaboration with third-party providers.

User-defined flexibility

Tailor CSC AppealTrack to your business processes and coordinate specific activities.

Customizable documents

Generate customizable letter and email templates for sending to customers and appeal boards.

Property tax appeal management

Tracking property values, filing appeals, juggling hearing dates, creating evidence packages, invoicing customers, storing documents—it's enough to make any law firm staffer or accountant's head spin.

CSC AppealTrack is designed to help teams stay coordinated and work flexibly using a single, secure source for property, parcel, and tax data, payments, task tracking, and more.

  • Track every step in a protest or appeal with confidence and easily share status

  • Speed up property analysis, calculate appeal savings, and drive strategic decision making

  • Create appeal forms quickly with autofill and batch form printing

  • Compare your parcel values against assessor data to ensure appropriate taxation

  • Improve visibility into case workloads and deadlines with a centralized calendar and task assignments

  • Reduce the time required to process invoices, identify missing bills, and create check requests

  • Foster better collaboration, document storage, and knowledge sharing

  • Host client data in CSC-managed secure data center

  • Easily control access rights

  • Manage email communications from within the system

CSC AppealTrack support


We offer a variety of training courses to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to successfully manage your compliance processes.

Bridge services

Bridge services connects CSC AppealTrack customers with product experts who perform work on their behalf, short-term. Ideal for managing unexpected leaves of absence, seasonal activity, or fast-approaching deadlines.

Professional services

Professional services support our client base by working alongside them to optimize their software use and deliver performance improvements to their licensing and compliance operations.


We offer a variety of training courses to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to successfully manage your compliance processes. Our courses allow you to work either with a trainer or at your own pace, and with your own company data whenever possible, to provide a realistic experience.

We deliver training content in a variety of formats. The on-demand library contains prerecorded tutorials covering myriad topics; live training webinars take place monthly. Virtual classroom training is conducted by a software trainer and takes a one-on-one approach, as does in-person classroom training that is held at our office in San Diego, California. We also offer custom on-site training and will tailor a curriculum to meet your needs and preferences.

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