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Comprehensive Real Estate Services

The real estate industry changes rapidly, and to keep up, the adoption of digital tools has become essential. CSC offers a portfolio of Real Estate services to help you boost efficiency, cut down on third-party vendors, and maximize security—all in one place.

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Boost efficiency

Whether you're providing title services, perfecting a lien, or preparing mortgage documents, CSC can reduce your workload and centralize your resources by supporting your business with our comprehensive lineup of Real Estate services.

Cut down on vendors

You can now complete a parcel ID lookup, verify lien status and changes in ownership, find legal descriptions, lien release templates, and so much more, all within the CSC platform.

Maximize security

CSC's durability, financial strength, and core competencies in compliance and security mean minimal vendor risk. All applications and data maintained on CSC servers, networks, and data storage systems are located within an ISO 2700-certified and Service Organization Control (SOC)-audited colocation hosting facility.


Subscribers can submit and record real estate documents with county recording offices throughout CSC's network, which captures more than 90% of the U.S. population.

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Solutions and services

Integrated and direct capabilities are available through CSC's Electronic Trustee (eTrustee) services that engage a trustee for a signature for substitution and reconveyance documents. This integrated solution streamlines the lender or mortgage servicer's process of signing, substituting the trustee, and recording a reconveyance of deed of trust or mortgage satisfaction.

With our new Borrower Notification Letter services in ePrepare®, CSC has made it easier than ever to make sure your client notices are generated seamlessly and delivered quickly. This service communicates important information to your clients when documents are recorded. While these letters are typically associated with mortgage satisfactions or releases, CSC provides this service for all document types. ePrepare automatically generates and delivers borrower notification letters to your clients, saving you valuable time and helping you meet state compliance requirements.

Property Search reports provide immediate access to valuable public property records allowing you to validate and verify lien information. Simply enter the property address and access a variety of reports and information including parcel I.D., tax status, legal descriptions, homeowners’ association information, ownership details, and financial lien information. The search can also retrieve images of recorded documents and maps.

CSC's application goes beyond serving residential lenders. CSC now offers a full suite of commercial document templates in ePrepare for both electronic recording and traditional paper fulfillment.

This tool enhances the efficiency of our Electronic Signing service for our digital templates. It increases flexibility in managing signer and notary teams, improves workflows, and ensures documents are executed by highest priority. Our electronic service allows you to generate, execute, and transmit documents to county recorders in a completely electronic process.

CSC can automatically notify your customers via email when their recorded document returns from the recording jurisdiction. Our Custom Email Notification service adds a valuable, personal touch by sending identified parties a recording notification on your company's letterhead.

When recording a release of deed of trust (DOT) in Colorado, our Look-Up service retrieves a copy of the necessary original DOT. The service then electronically sends the release and accompanying DOT to the public trustee for review and verification. Once verified, the release is sent electronically to the county for recording.