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A Single Solution for the Business of Tax

To navigate a turbulent tax world, Tax needs stability. To leverage vast stores of data, tax needs simplicity. And to share accurate information internally and externally, tax needs a single source of truth.

CSC Corptax® checks all the boxes with the market's only single system for global compliance, provision, and planning—empowering you to drive value for the organization.

Our technology aligns data, processes, and people to ensure you streamline the tax continuum, respond with agility, and meaningfully contribute to company strategy.

A configurable system that scales with tax and company changes

The Corptax single solution centralizes, compartmentalizes, and structures years of tax and entity data for global-through-local tax reporting and beyond.

Common data and standardized processes promote efficiency and consistency across operations. And a single system gives you fast, secure data access to leverage powerful automation that delivers uniformity and reliability.

Instrumental to tax and company planning

Because data is your most valuable resource, we give you more ways to unpack it—including versatile analytics and planning capabilities.

Use Corptax analytics and visualization tools to weigh opportunities, manage risk, control costs, and so much more. Just as easily exchange Corptax data with outside applications.

Leadership expects actionable information from tax—Corptax ensures you deliver.

Backed by the best

Whether you need compliance, provision, or planning software—or all of the above—you always work with a common user experience, full scalability, and Corptax staff members dedicated to your success.

Ready to drive more value for your organization? Read our resources to get started quickly.

A single solution for tax gives users more

  • Tax sensitize source data, hands free

  • Automate data import

  • Apply rules to data to streamline use across tax life cycle

  • Automatically refresh data in real time when source data changes

  • Define and automate routine tasks

  • Control all data dependencies with transparency back to the source

  • Organize entity groups for international, federal, and unitary state filings from ownership

  • Drive calculations from stored ownership and equity data

  • Automate form presentation and population by filing obligation

  • Automate and manage consolidated groupings and sub-consolidations for multiple jurisdictions

  • Easily exchange data between Corptax and other systems, software, and stakeholders

  • Repurpose trusted data for analytics and planning

  • Identify optimal tax positions and savings opportunities

  • Directly connect to third-party tools, databases, and analytics applications

  • Review interactive real-time dashboards, share information, and understand trends and anomalies

  • Quickly provide management with easily-consumed data to inform decisions

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