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Corptax Compliance

Automate federal-through-state returns in a single system

"We get a complete and accurate tax return prepared and ready for review in less than one day" is how one client describes CSC Corptax® Compliance. Your entire spectrum of compliance work—from estimates, extensions, returns, and new IRS filings, to RAR—lives in a single, secure system called a "super easy one-step process that enables lightning speed and cross-functional data utilization."

Work with one version of the truth

A single system of record automates reporting from international compliance to state taxing jurisdictions. One platform stores years of tax data and incorporates tax changes as they happen for efficiencies across workflows. Total transparency and the ability to connect data to analytics programs in real time expedites analytics and planning to quickly meet the needs of management, fellow departments, and taxing authorities.

Use Corptax Compliance to:

  • Systematize calculations, account for data dependencies, and automatically populate forms and schedules

  • Structure data in one system at multiple levels of detail with audit trails back to the source

  • Track ownership and produce or update organization charts in seconds

  • Create unlimited unitary state groups based on filing obligations

  • Import apportionment once and let the system automate apportionment factors and state modifications

  • Automate data in one database for smooth workflows, instant updates, and stress-free data sharing

  • Analyze data easily to identify key drivers, trends, and anomalies when modeling and forecasting

Fuel productivity with powerful entity management

Industry-best entity management and a comprehensive calendar solution ensure up-to-the-minute information for accurate reporting. A common database allows preparers to work simultaneously and reuse data entered once for multiple processes and purposes. Plus, business process and workflow automation eliminates most manual intervention—cutting risk and providing time back for other high-value activities.

  • Determine number of attributes, maintain custom attributes, and share consistent data across reporting and teams

  • Improve controls with centralized user access

  • Create entity dashboards to display attributes relevant to tax function and user group

  • Provide visibility to changes within organization structures and entity metadata

  • Automate maintenance of consolidated filing groups and much more

Learn how Corptax streamlines International Compliance and BEPS CbC reporting.

Ready to automate how you get, use, and manage tax data for all returns? Use this ebook resource to help build your case for compliance technology!

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