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Sales and Use Tax Compliance

Automate monthly sales and use returns

No matter the size or scope of your business, CSC Corptax® Corpsales personalizes the sales and use tax process to your specific requirements with configurable reporting to meet your compliance needs. You'll save time and preserve accuracy by fully automating the process using current forms, rates, and reports for state and local taxing jurisdictions. Using just one system, conveniently store historical and current sales and use tax information to analyze, audit, and process payment requests.

Meet your specific industry's filing needs

Every industry faces unique challenges. From retail to energy to hospitality and beyond, Corpsales provides calculations by industry, allocation of use tax, and other requirements—along with configurable rates, form calculations, and account consolidations. No matter how you file, enter data once and retrieve as desired. Plus, it's easy to access the right information to prepare management reports for internal analysis, pre-audit reviews, planning, and budgeting.

Automate and e-file monthly returns

Automating data collection from source systems cuts time and reduces human error. Access any level of detail to summarize or consolidate—and tap more than 1,000 state and local signature-ready forms. Easily meet monthly and quarterly deadlines with batch processing, qualify for discounts, and avoid penalties.

Stay current with more than 46,000 sales and use tax rates

Receive current rates monthly to ensure accuracy of every return. Corpsales delivers more than 46,000 easily accessible sales and use tax rates, including 5,700+ industry-specific rates for 7,500+ taxing jurisdictions.

Simplify and expedite reviews and gain quick access to computations while viewing tax forms on-screen. Use a detailed audit trail to determine accounts and calculations included for any line on the return and to view changes by user and date.

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Corpsales gives you full confidence knowing calculations are accurate and that you're totally prepared to support your positions.

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