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Loan Administration

Empowering growth with a global, end-to-end solution

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Loans involving multiple parties can be very complex and onerous to manage, especially as the loan market evolves and regulations continue to become more stringent.

Borrowers are focused on keeping on top of administration, cash flows, and transfers. Lenders are dealing with an ever-increasing compliance burden and the need to effectively manage potential conflicts of interest, especially in restructuring scenarios that come with growing concerns around bank syndicate member independence. And all parties are eager to manage official communications efficiently and diligently. Our experts around the world can help you overcome these challenges by acting as your facility agent, cash manager, security agent, or collateral agent across the life of the loan.


We’re independent, with no commercial interest in a transaction. Our team can support you across a broad spectrum of loan financing, complex leveraged finance, and multi-currency transactions. Our track record means we can quickly assess a transaction alongside your needs in a market where speed and flexibility are key.

Deep expertise across product types and lending strategies for clients of all sizes. We assist globally with exposure to various documentation standards

One-stop-shop solutions for loan market participants, including loan administration, facility agent, and security agent

Best in class services and technology, leveraging industry accredited platforms complimented with proprietary technologies

Scalable, cloud-based solution, easily capable of supporting requirements on a “private label” basis

Built on the philosophy that one size doesn’t fit all, committed to providing tailored solutions to loan market participants

Loan Administration services

CSC’s loan administration services are comprehensive and include trade processing, settlements, credit activities, and encompasses the complete life of the trade.

  • Term loan

  • Revolver loan

  • Delayed draw term loan (DDTL)

  • Private debt

  • Letter of credit (LC)

  • Loan swaps

  • Distressed loans

  • Trades (buys and sells)

  • Rollover and interest rate set

  • Increase and reduction in global amount

  • Drawdown and paydown

  • Automated processes—fees computation (delayed compensation, cost of carry, economic benefit), PIK capitalization



reports fund solutions
reports fund solutions
reports fund solutions

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