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Reconciliation Services

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For managers who need to scale operations while improving visibility and analytic intelligence, integrated reconciliation is a cornerstone. At first glance, it may seem that reconciliation is a straightforward matching activity for trade, position, and cash transactions, with processes that fulfill managers' day-to-day needs. On closer examination, it’s not so simple.

Even with the abundance of tools available to the parties involved in listed and OTC post-trade activities, non-standardized manual handling remains one of the greatest drains on productivity. It consumes valuable time and detracts from reviewing and resolving functions that identify the patterns in mismatched data that can be used to streamline future reconciliation processes.

CSC’s approach elevates the process from fire-drill to a managed and predictable procedure, where reconciliation becomes a measurement tool that management can use for data analysis. Among other uses, managers can identify core problems in the reconciliation process itself, reduce operational risk, and liaise with counterparties.


Our integrated platform is differentiated by advanced analytics, open technology, and a strategic operating model, providing fund managers with the oversight to make better investment decisions. CSC’ team of specialists are dedicated to empowering clients with greater operational efficiency, cost savings, and diverse strategies to unlock growth and creativity for your middle and back office.

Integrated Reconciliation services

We provide reconciliation services for:

  • Trades

  • Cash

  • Holdings

  • Profit and loss

  • Corporate actions

  • Margin

  • Settlement obligations



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reports fund solutions
reports fund solutions

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