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Complying with Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer (AML/KYC) regulations can be a complicated process, especially when you operate internationally across multiple jurisdictions. Each country has a different AML policy, and their local regulations must be followed. Understanding, keeping track of changes, and complying with varying regulations can be a cumbersome task.

Outsourced AML services is a key pillar in the fund compliance toolbox. Outsourcing these services improves efficiency by freeing senior compliance staff to focus on more strategic governance issues. You’re able to streamline resources in times of fluctuating demand.

AML and KYC services

CSC is your experienced outsourcing provider and trusted guide for navigating regulatory complexity.

  • We coordinate the complete client onboarding process including collection, identification, verification, screening, background searches, and risk assessment.

  • We monitor the entire account including ongoing screening and periodic or trigger review.

  • You can leverage our technology resources without the burden of having to build, buy, or maintain it.


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