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Middle Office Outsourcing

Empowering growth with a global, end-to-end solution

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Fund managers face more and more pressure to manage their costs, invest in technology, and adhere to increasingly onerous rules and regulations, locally and globally, with harsher consequences for failure to comply. All while balancing the need to enhance performance, be smarter with data, develop new products, drive scalability, and meet investor demands.

Having a stable and robust middle office function in place is crucial to overcoming these challenges and ensuring the smooth day-to-day running of your fund.

CSC’s dedicated global team, serving some of the world’s largest fund managers, becomes an extension of your operations—providing strong data governance, risk management, and cost-efficiencies across the investment lifecycle, driving operational alpha.


Our bespoke service model is designed to provide you with the expertise, tools, resources, and automated workflows to address operational needs and enable rapid growth. We combine market-leading technology with our own proprietary platforms and self-service business intelligence tools to unlock a customized and unified view of data to all your participants. And we make sure everything is as accessible and customized as you need it to be.

Middle office services

Our middle office services include:

  • Asset class coverage

  • Listed trade settlements

  • Confirms processing

  • OTC settlements—verifications (financing, MTM)

  • Collateral management

  • P&L reporting

  • Operational (T+0/1)

  • Cash reconciliations (T+1)

  • Treasury services

  • Technology solutions through customized dashboards and reporting



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Strategic Outsourcing for Fund Managers:
Enhancing Operational Efficiency and Focus

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