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Custody services

Safeguarding your assets with specialized expertise

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Whether a client is required to hold assets in custody with a regulated financial institution pursuant to the SEC “custody rule” or for other safekeeping purposes, our global, fully regulated subsidiaries can provide a solution. Every client is unique, and our custody services are tailored to meet their specific needs, whether they’re a large institutional investor or growing firm.


Our Custody solutions meet your regulatory or other safekeeping requirements and provide customized reporting. Our experienced customer service team accommodates expedited turnaround on asset deliveries.

With CSC’s Custody solutions, you gain compliance with ever-changing regulations, safekeeping with a fully regulated provider and transparency for informed decision-making.

What makes us different


Unlike many providers, CSC will hold all types of physical assets in our secure vault including share certificates, LLC agreements, loan and subscription agreements, mortgages and others.

Comprehensive and customized reporting

Stay informed with our comprehensive reporting tools. Receive detailed views of your asset holdings, transactions, and our customized reporting meets all of your governance requirements.

Global expertise in custodianship

Our team comprises seasoned professionals with in-depth knowledge of international markets, regulations, and best practices. This global perspective ensures that your assets are safeguarded in a manner meeting all of your requirements. We bring a wealth of experience from diverse markets, offering insights that go beyond conventional boundaries.

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