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Service of Process

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Service of process (SOP) plays a critical role in upholding the principles of due process, ensuring that legal proceedings are fair, transparent, and conducted within the bounds of the law.

Effective management of the SOP workflow is often addressed by implementing legal operation management systems, employing experienced legal professionals, and staying informed about changes in relevant laws and regulations.

With CSC as your registered agent for SOP, you benefit from our well-established network of agent offices, our long-term investment in scanning and document infrastructure, and our U.S.-based team of SOP experts.

We can serve as an SOP agent in all 50 U.S. states, the District of Columbia, and more than 140 jurisdictions around with world through our Global Compliance and Corporate Secretary services. No matter where your business is, you're covered.

Exceptional service

Our full-time, highly trained SOP Team handles all your SOP documents in house—we never offshore or outsource them.

Robust technology

We scan and compress 100% of your documents and optimize them for optical character recognition (OCR). And upon delivery, your documents are fully searchable.

Highest level of data security

We maintain all applications and data on CSC servers, networks, and data storage systems located within world-class, ISO 27001-certified hosting facilities. Independent third-party auditors perform SOC 2® Type II assessments of these facilities annually.

Integration capabilities

CSC makes it simple to integrate your SOP with downstream enterprise legal management (ELM), claims, payroll, and other systems using a secure application programming interface (API). Our flexible integration options allow you to establish one or many data feeds with downstream systems for rapid SOP handling and response.

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CSCNavigatorSM is our proprietary secure hub for our unified legal and compliance management network of solutions—powering CSC corporate compliance solutions, entity and matter management, service of process, annual reports, and business licenses.

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SOP refers to the procedure by which one party notifies another party of the commencement of a legal action. SOP documents include lawsuits, wage garnishments, subpoenas, bankruptcy notices, foreclosure filings, and other documents issued by courts and administrative bodies.

Most business entities on record with various secretaries of state must, by law, maintain a registered agent who can also act as the agent for SOP. To find an agent for SOP, contact the State Division of Corporations for a list of service providers.

Typically, to change agents for SOP, you must notify your current registered agent service provider or contact the secretary of state. Some corporate service providers will handle this change for you as part of their registered agent service.

The cost for registered agent services is dependent upon your specific needs, requirements, and number of business entities.


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