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CSC is the leading provider of UCC Search, Filing, and Online Portfolio Management services. As the most tenured team in the industry, we are experts in UCC search, filing, and monitoring for expirations and continuations. CSC provides the industry's largest online UCC database and film library, the most powerful keyword search logic on the market today, and fast, reliable solutions for all your UCC needs.

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How CSC can help

CSC offers comprehensive UCC services to thousands of financial institutions, including many of the world's largest lenders—commercial banks, capital finance companies, and large leasing enterprises.

CSC offers full service for law firms with the best, most tenured team in the business. Let the experts in law firm transactions help you with your UCC searches, assuring you of fast, accurate results nationwide with the industry's largest database.

Our comprehensive UCC Search services and smart online UCC filing platform is designed specifically for law firms. Partner with CSC for faster, more accurate results.

CSC processes millions of UCC searches and filings annually, and monitors millions more for expiration or continuation.

Our comprehensive UCC services save costs, reduce errors, improve due diligence efforts, and make routine business processes much easier. Search and file more accurately while cutting down on missed filings and manual data input.


CSC Lien Perfect for law firms

Built specifically for law firms, CSC Lien PerfectSM enables you to prepare and file UCC records more quickly and accurately. Our intelligent, deal-based filing solution is the best way to protect your clients' security interests.

Learn more about entity CSC Lien Perfect

CSC Lien Perfect for lenders

CSC Lien Perfect for lenders was designed specifically for the financial services industry and has the industry’s largest online UCC database. Access more UCC search records—including tax lien searches and debtor searches. Experience faster results than any other UCC filing service.

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