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CSC Lien Perfect for Lenders

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CSC Lien PerfectSM for Lenders centralizes your Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) records, allowing you to search, file, and monitor in one safe, secure portal.

CSC Lien Perfect for Lenders was designed specifically for the financial services industry and has the industry's largest online UCC database. Access more UCC search records—including tax lien searches and debtor searches. Experience faster results than any other UCC filing service.

Do more with CSC Lien Perfect for Lenders

File statements with accuracy

CSC Lien Perfect for Lenders ensures your filings meet all jurisdiction requirements and prevents you from filing with any debtor name mistakes, minimizing risk of rejection.

Quick and efficient

Perfect your security interest faster and more accurately with our electronic filing service, in addition to UCC search and monitoring services.

Unmatched customer support

You'll have access to dedicated account experts who provide live, personalized service during extended business hours.

How CSC can help

Reduce data-entry errors, enforce business rules, and save time with CSC Lien Perfect for Lenders. Securely complete your due diligence activities, file UCC records online, and manage and monitor your entire UCC portfolio in one convenient location.

  • The industry’s largest database of information and images with rapid search results

  • Electronic filing in more jurisdictions than any other provider—all 50 states and the District of Columbia, as well as global jurisdictions

  • Integrated review of actual UCC financing statement after creation

  • UCC Portfolio Monitoring services to help you track UCC expirations, entities, debtors, and bankruptcies

  • Notification of important changes that may affect your lien position, and acknowledgements of uploads through our imaging system

  • CSC UCC business to business integration with various loan and lease interfaces, including:

    • Salesforce®

    • Odessa®

    • LaserPro® D+H

    • InfoLease®

    • Proprietary systems

  • Avoid opening multiple payment accounts with each jurisdiction and manage billing statements and accounting systems.

  • Eliminate unnecessary data entry and errors with the proprietary debtor name validation tool.

  • Spend less time and money closing your loans by getting your UCC search done right the first time.

  • Access a complete, automated archive of your UCC search results and images retrieved in your previous lien records searches.

  • Confirm records were properly filed with our UCC search-to-reflect service.


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