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Entity Management

Gain confidence and control over critical entity compliance

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Managing entity compliance can be difficult—especially in an industry with increasing demands and fewer resources. Companies that aren't proactively managing their entity portfolio are putting their compliance at risk and are missing a golden opportunity to introduce critical efficiencies into their governance program.

CSC can solve that. We're your partner, simplifying and centralizing the management of your corporate entities around the globe, offering a seamless intersection of technology and service.


CSC's Entity Management service combines our industry-leading technology with our tenured and experienced customer support. The result is you have full visibility and control over your critical entity information backed by a knowledge base that's there when you need it.

  • Maintain sensitive officer and director data

  • Store, manage, and search minute book and governance documents electronically

  • Create and manage electronic signature requests with DocuSign®

  • Track ownership, stock, and shareholder information

  • Automate the creation of advanced organization charts

  • Establish an unlimited number of custom fields to track unique entity data

  • Track Doing Business As (DBA) names, prior names, and merger history

  • Manage upcoming compliance due dates, including annual reports, and other critical filings

  • Generate strategic reports for auditing, entity tracking, and decision-making purposes

  • Create transparency around officer and director changes via a human capital management integration with Workday®

What makes CSC Entity Management different?

Service integration

Service integration

Complete integration with CSC's compliance and filing services; data and documents automatically flow into CSC Entity ManagementSM.



Intuitive solution that can be configured to meet client-specific needs.



Built-in knowledge automates the creation of U.S. and global annual compliance calendar events.



Highest levels of security and availability.

Budget certainty

Budget certainty

Flat annual fee that includes unlimited users, all system features, all enhancements, and unlimited training.


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