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Delaware Statutory Trusts

Protect assets with Delaware Statutory Trust expertise

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In the complex world of capital markets, finding the right special purpose vehicle can be challenging. You need a structure that combines the benefits of tax flexibility, bankruptcy remoteness, the ability to issue any type of securities and an established, regulated trustee. This is where Delaware Statuary Trust (DSTs) administered by CSC provide value.


CSC is your trusted partner in navigating the establishment and administration of DSTs. Our experienced team works with you to form your trust and ensure you benefit from the tax flexibility and bankruptcy remoteness that it provides. Forming a Delaware Statutory Trust is often the special purpose entity of choice.

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We provide seamless solutions for companies looking for a special purpose vehicle to own and lease equipment assets. With our expertise, you can navigate this specialized market with ease and efficiency.

A DST provides a special purpose vehicle to own and manage real estate properties while enjoying tax flexibility and bankruptcy remoteness.

DSTs offer the perfect vehicle for securitization as a bankruptcy remote vehicle. We'll help you form a trust to hold receivables, issue notes to investors and can also act as owner trustee, indenture trustee, paying agent and registrar.

DSTs are the ideal choice for investment funds, a flexible vehicle that can hold the fund assets and issue any types of securities.

Protect assets from the contributing party’s creditors with the security of bankruptcy remote structures.

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