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Global Corporate Secretary

Navigate the complexity of global compliance obligations

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Managing an international entity portfolio presents several challenges, specifically managing varying compliance and regulatory requirements in different jurisdictions. Keep your company in good standing year-round with CSC handling your corporate secretary needs.


CSC combines in-country expertise and industry-leading technology to simplify the complexity of managing global business administration. Our offering includes:

  • Formation and Incorporation services

  • Preparing the annual general meeting

  • Organizing and hosting all board and shareholders meetings, including drafting agendas, board and shareholder packs, and taking minutes

  • Filing annual accounts and annual return

  • Drafting and maintaining all statutory books, records, corporate documents, and company seals

  • Providing various ad-hoc corporate secretary support services (i.e., capital increases, name changes, address changes, dividend distributions, and more)

  • Creating and maintaining global Compliance Calendar

  • Tracking compliance deadlines

  • Monitoring regulatory changes

  • Maintaining ultimate beneficial ownership (UBO) registers

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CSC Entity Management

The award-winning CSC Entity ManagementSM platform is the industry's most intuitive entity management software. You'll get a clear view of your company-wide governance and compliance activities, as well as valuable insight into the health and status of all your entities.

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Global Entity Management:
How to Successfully Manage a Multinational Entity Portfolio

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CSC offers global Corporate Secretary services in more than 140 jurisdictions, centralized through our global headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware, and augmented by regional hubs in London and Hong Kong.

No, you'll be supported by a centralized, dedicated team that will facilitate all your organization's corporate governance needs. This includes both regularly scheduled maintenance and changes within your entity portfolio.

Most jurisdictions require a listed registered office address with the business registry. Typically, this is the principal place of business for the entity—often your own physical location in country. In some countries, it's common for your corporate secretary partner to fulfill your registered office requirement. In many countries, you're required to keep physical minute books at the registered office location.

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Registered agent services are most common in the U.S. and in some island jurisdictions. More commonly outside of the U.S., you'll need corporate secretary oversight of annual and ongoing compliance matters.

Most jurisdictions require an annual meeting of directors or shareholders, with written documentation of minutes or resolutions. In some countries, these documents need to be filed locally with the business registry and maintained at the registered office.

Any company that engages in financial transactions may need a global Legal Entity Identifier (LEI). This could include larger companies with their own treasury operations; financial companies; and law firms working with financial firms, including REITs, insurance companies, and banks.

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