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Treasury Management

Powered by industry-leading technology, our solutions streamline workflows to reduce operational risks, optimize cash, and enhance decision-making processes related to treasury activities

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Treasury management can quickly become complex and time-consuming, especially across multiple locations. It becomes even more difficult when your organization isn’t big enough to have its own internal treasurer or the team doesn’t have time to perform all the treasury management roles.

Our experts around the world can help you overcome these challenges, achieve your goals, and future proof the treasury function. We help you keep internal teams lean and focused on the areas where they add the most value. And we help you access the best treasury applications and treasury management systems, customizing solutions for your needs and ensuring you retain decision-making rights.

Why CSC for your treasury management?

Bringing world-class people and software together, we offer expertise for all fund strategies including hedge, private equity, private debt, real estate, venture capital, fund of funds, and infrastructure.

Streamline and integrate operational processes related to external and internal treasury management, credit facilities, funding, and investor interactions. Unify internal systems and workflows, encompassing cashflow projections, multi-bank data aggregation, and cash movements within a comprehensive treasury solution.

Consolidate and handle intricate reference data associated with treasury operations. This includes managing legal entity structures, payment instructions, bank accounts, and investor communication preferences.

Efficiently handle funding, payment, and investor interaction workflows within a unified platform. Capture and standardize essential data feeds from various sources.

Treasury Management services

Our Treasury Management services include:

  • Cash Management and Reporting

  • FX Hedge

  • Credit Facilities

  • Transaction Management Payable and Wires

  • Liquidity Management

  • Capital Activity Management



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reports fund solutions

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