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Indenture and Note Trustee

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Finding the right provider of Indenture, Note, and Security Trustee services is one of the challenges for issuers and their professional advisors in bond financing, debt issuance, corporate restructuring, and secured financing. Whether facilitating bond offerings or managing structured debt instruments, our Trustee services guarantee a seamless process from issuance to maturity.

Tailored solutions for global markets

Finance is a global language, spoken with different accents in varied markets. CSC, with many fully regulated subsidiaries globally, recognizes this diversity and delivers tailored solutions that resonate with the unique needs of each market. Our global perspective, enriched by local expertise, ensures that your trustee services seamlessly integrate with the requirements of regulatory and market frameworks.

Risk mitigation and compliance

Trustee services demand a vigilant eye on risk mitigation and unwavering adherence to compliance standards. CSC places these principles at the core of our services, establishing a solid foundation for your financial instruments. Our rigorous risk management strategies assure that bonds, notes, and other debt instruments will be administered properly.

Transparent communication

In the world of finance, communication isn’t about words; it's about trust. We prioritize transparent and open channels, keeping all stakeholders informed at every stage. Our commitment to clarity fosters trust and confidence, contributing to the overall success of your financial transactions.


A reliable trustee becomes crucial for adeptly navigating the complexities of debt issuance and reorganization, ensuring the protection of all involved parties' interests. In the realm of secured financing, our Indenture, Note, and Security Trustee services play a pivotal role, securing collateral to provide assurance to holders. This comprehensive approach positions our trustee services as essential partners in the dynamic financial landscape, offering solutions for a variety of capital markets participants.


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