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Corptax Tax Transformation Suite

As most tax professionals know firsthand, the business of tax goes far beyond financial and compliance reporting.

Tax is one of few company functions that collects, stores, manages, and safeguards huge volumes of high-value data flowing in from across the organization—including data used by Finance, Legal, Human Resources, and more.

On top of reporting, Tax is asked to share data and insights with stakeholders, manage risk, and limit tax liability. All in a responsible manner and with tax talent in shorter supply.

The Tax Transformation Suite from CSC Corptax® simplifies these deliverables. We bring you an array of powerful solutions that go beyond reporting to supercharge tax operations across the board.

Streamline the business of tax

All Corptax solutions fit seamlessly within the single solution framework. Redeploy the same profile data, trial balance data, and computed amounts—and automate to streamline tax processes, data storage, and organization. Click the arrows below to see solution details.

  • Corptax Entity Management:
    Ensure the entire organization manages legal entities with consistency and control based on a single source of truth.

  • Corptax Data Collect:
    Collect information from everywhere you operate to meet specific business needs. Ensure security, accessibility, and accuracy with a universal set of data collection workpapers featuring built-in workflows.

  • Corptax Suite of Data Accessibility Solutions:
    Choose from a variety of tools that directly connect Corptax data to third-party tools, databases, and analytics applications.

  • Corptax BOTS:
    Define, direct, and automatically execute tasks before, during, and after completion of other tasks. Eliminate human intervention and improve security and accuracy. Review results immediately upon login to Corptax.

  • Corptax Data Exchange Manager:
    Automate data import, export, and processing between Corptax and source systems, hands free, and around the clock. Includes entity structures, general ledger data, adjustments, and more.

  • Corptax DocManager:
    Improve document management, organization, security, collaboration, and compliance with easy access to tax documents organized and stored in a tax-specific repository.

  • Corptax Calendar:
    Automate organizing, scheduling, and tracking tax and non-tax obligations for all company entities, all years. Effortlessly keep track of tasks, due dates, payments, refunds, and more for fiscal and calendar year filings.

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