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UCC Monitoring

The industry's only UCC portfolio monitoring service

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With a growing Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) portfolio, it can be hard to keep track of post-filing changes that can affect your records and require immediate action. CSC has the industry's only UCC portfolio monitoring service that alerts you to critical changes in debtor information that could result in the loss of perfection or priority.


Get instant access to all your UCC filings in our secure online application.

Get automated alerts when you need to take action—no more looking up records in your portfolio by hand.

CSC has the largest in-house repository of online UCC information and images.

Monitor the expiration dates of your entire portfolio of UCC financing statements. Get automated email notifications up to six months before the expiration, and decide which filings need to continue and which can lapse.

Run your own UCC expiration report at any time.

  • Reports are sent to the email address(es) you provide in your desired format.

  • Multiple reports can be delivered in one email.

You'll be notified of corporate data changes. Our filing preparation tool automatically compares the business debtor name and location to state corporate data as you enter it into our system and identifies potential discrepancies for further review.

Keeps you informed if your debtor:

  • Changes business partners

  • Falls out of good standing

  • Fails to file taxes or a corporate annual report

  • Dissolves the corporation

  • Changes the corporate name

  • Changes the corporate number

We monitor the debtor names against which you have filed and make you aware of any additional UCC filings.

  • Stay informed about critical public record information that appears when your debtor seeks additional financing.

  • Get email alerts with tracking results if:

    • Someone files a termination statement

    • Any party amends the UCC record

    • A debtor obtains additional secured financing evidenced by a UCC-1

  • Save valuable time by requesting instant copies of any filed UCC records.

Exclusive to CSC clients—learn when your debtors file for bankruptcy. We send you prompt notice of relevant bankruptcy filings, giving you time to respond quickly, aggressively, and before the applicable deadlines.

We monitor a number of variables (debtor name, street address, city, state, and zip code) to help you identify bankruptcy filings that are likely to be of concern for you.


CSC Lien Perfect for Lenders

CSC Lien PerfectSM for Lenders was designed specifically for the financial services industry and has the industry’s largest online UCC database. Access more UCC search records—including tax lien searches and debtor searches. Experience faster results than any other UCC filing service.

Learn more about entity CSC Lien Perfect


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Inaccurate UCC filings can put your security interest at risk or result in no lien position at all. When your organization files a UCC financing statement, you'll need to ensure that you've filed against the complete and accurate debtor name. You'll also have to monitor that debtor for changes in corporate name, structure, or good standing that could affect your lien position.

For each corporate entity we track on your behalf, CSC will monitor state corporate data and identify important developments. These developments might include whether your UCC debtor changes business partners, falls out of good standing, changes the corporate name or identification number, fails to file taxes or a corporate annual report, or dissolves the corporation. When such changes occur, you'll receive an automatic email alert containing the type of change, a before-and-after snapshot, and a link to the tracking results.

If necessary, we can help you amend the affected UCC filings so your UCC records remain in compliance with Article 9 requirements.

You can enter a debtor's entity information at any time, indicate your need to track bankruptcies when you are filing your UCC information, or upload your entire portfolio into our system. We monitor a number of variables (debtor name; street address; city, state, and zip code) to help you identify bankruptcy filings that are likely to be of concern for you.

Our system promptly alerts you when one of your debtors files for bankruptcy. In most instances, you will be notified between 24 and 48 hours of the bankruptcy filing.

You'll receive relevant information about the bankruptcy filing, including the name of the debtor, jurisdiction, court, chapter of bankruptcy, case number, date of filing, order number, and reference number.

CSC can order a copy of the docket from the courts for you. With this information in hand, you can file the required documents with the court quickly and meet the critical statutory deadlines to protect your investments.

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