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Promptly manage your service of process obligations

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Corporations often face challenges in managing their service of process (SOP), including risking missing legal deadlines, navigating complex regulations across multiple jurisdictions, and handling international service requirements. Inadequate record keeping and a lack of centralized management can further complicate the process.

CSC SOP Pro® automatically routes inbound SOP to the parties and downstream systems that you designate and grants you access to an unparalleled suite of tools, enabling you to proactively monitor your SOP compliance.

How CSC Can Help

  • We scan and compress 100% of your documents and optimize them for optical character recognition (OCR). Upon delivery, your documents are fully searchable.

  • A best-in-class rules engine channels inbound SOP documents to the appropriate contacts and intake teams, based on your unique routing requirements.

  • A full complement of collaboration tools, including acknowledgment workflows, task assignment, custom fields, and reporting.

  • No seat license fees. We can make SOP Pro available to in-house staff, outside counsel, and other business users without additional costs. Share information, store documents, and assign tasks within a secure, real-time electronic work environment.

  • We maintain all applications and data on CSC servers, networks, and data storage systems located within world-class, ISO 27001-certified hosting facilities. Independent third-party auditors perform SOC 2® Type II assessments of these facilities annually.

  • Powerful integration technology enables you to securely transmit different types of SOP to one or many downstream systems, including enterprise legal management (ELM), payroll, claims, and other applications.

  • Our full-time, highly trained Litigation Management Team handles all your SOP documents in-house—we never offshore or outsource them.



CSCNavigatorSM is our proprietary secure hub for our unified legal and compliance management network of solutions—powering CSC corporate compliance solutions, entity and matter management, service of process, annual reports, and business licenses.

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