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Pass-Through for Advanced Partnerships, LLCs, and S-Corps

A powerful compliance solution for Partnership, LLC, and S-Corp entities, CSC Corptax® Pass-Through supports tax changes as they happen. Use the same system to:

  • Automatically post multiple tiered entities

  • Manage flow-through apportionment factors

  • Compute effective ratios when ownership transfers occur

  • Allocate data and instantly see where it's tiered

Automate for accuracy and time-savings

Corptax Pass-Through allows multiple people to work on returns at once. As one user says, "it's a huge time-saver that helps us meet concurrent deadlines."" Another adds, "Our partnership has hugely improved! Now we do 100 partnerships in one place versus getting summary data from different departments and doing it completely manually."

  • Set up simple-to-complex ownership structures and capture data at the pass-through entity level

  • Streamline federal and state compliance by leveraging advanced allocation capabilities, consistent dataflow across entities, and automated tiering to internal owners

  • Automatically flow adjustments when K-1 information changes

Simplicity, security, and instant data access

With no trouble, maintain external owner information to automate transfer of owner interest ratios. And just as easily, automate tiering of Schedule K amounts and state apportionment factors allocated to owners and tier amounts up to the next level.

The system also lets you preserve outside K-1 data from partnership investments in one database with access anywhere, anytime.

Advanced partnership allocation and S-Corp accounting

Define special allocation methods for both federal and state jurisdictions: summary, entity, activity, account, and adjustment. For S-Corps, easily identify specific allocation period ratios and apply them in allocations to K-1s.

Eliminate the need for duplicate data entry, multiple systems, and manual processes by efficiently generating reports for:

  • Federal compliance

  • K-1 footnotes

  • Special allocations

  • Rental real estate compliance

Learn more from Corptax

To learn more about Corptax Pass-Through's "solid calculations and ease of use," call 800-966-1639 or email