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Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) Register

Keep local UBO registers up to date and avoid fines and penalties

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As part of a set of regulations aiming to strengthen tax transparency and address aggressive tax planning, several European jurisdictions and now the U.S. have introduced requirements to keep track of ultimate beneficial owners (UBOs). Operating in multiple jurisdictions can make this a complex and burdensome task. We’re here to support your compliance with the latest requirements and ensure the records of the specific tax authorities are up to date.


Beneficial Ownership Filing services

Let our team of experts prepare and file your Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI). When we act in the capacity as a director of a legal entity from such a jurisdiction, we have the obligation to file the ownership information. Based on the UBO information in our Know Your Customer (KYC) files, we’ll make a first assessment of the information to be registered and file the relevant information to local authorities to maintain the UBO register. Our full service framework and industry leading team of experts will ensure compliance with various jurisdictional requirements and the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA), allowing you to focus on your strategic business priorities.


We'll coordinate the collection of data from several sources


We'll asses and verify the information that needs to be reported


We'll file the relevant information on your behalf with the local tax authorities

Corporate entity tracking

Maintaining your corporate entities' compliance isn't easy. Corporate entity tracking requires careful planning and continued diligence to ensure that entities remain in good standing, from formation through dissolution.


CSC Entity Management

The award-winning CSC Entity ManagementSM platform is the industry's most intuitive entity management software. You'll get a clear view of your company-wide governance and compliance activities, as well as valuable insight into the health and status of all your entities.

Learn more about entity CSC Entity Management


The Corporate Transparency Act:
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