Our Graduate Talent Program (GTP) will empower you with the knowledge and experience you’ll need to support and delight our international clients.

You’ll get the chance to show what you're made of and explore the possible career steps within our organization. You’ll learn where your talents lie and how you can best apply them in your daily work. The program is designed for young professionals who’d like to focus on their personal growth within a dynamic and international work environment. Our September 2023 cohort is open now in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and the Channel Islands.

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Over a 12-month period, the Graduate Talent Program prepares you for a position in our finance, legal, or compliance services departments. Joint global sessions, networking opportunities, and assignments will act as the bridge between local expertise and global exposure. At the end of the program, you'll be a fully trained Professional Company Lawyer, Financial Account Manager, or Business Compliance Officer and all set for a brilliant career within our organization.

The following elements are interwoven into the program:

  • The first week gets off to a flying start with diverse trainings and a night away with other young professionals starting at the same time as you.

  • For 20% of your working week, you’ll get the opportunity to follow training courses tailored to your personal and professional development, including specific trust knowledge sessions, soft skills training, and intervision moments.

  • You’ll get on-the-job training guided by colleagues around you.

  • With team rotations every four or six months, you’ll have the opportunity to gain experience within three different disciplines over the year.

  • Informal activities organized throughout the year with other young professionals in your group.


What I really love about the company is that they give you the options to grow in different directions and follow your interests. There are several roads to choose, and it all depends on your own qualities and ambition which route you take.”

– Loubna el Ouardani, Client Director

Loubna el Ouardani


If you’re thinking of applying to this program, I guarantee you’ll find yourself learning about so many diverse sectors and domains. You can be a specialist or a generalist, because like a symphony, there’s something for everyone.”

– Diederik de Jonge, Commercial Executive

Diederik de Jonge


We always want to keep the organization ahead and lead the market. For people who want to make a difference in the financial or legal industry, this is the right place to kickstart your career.”

– Diederick Slotboom, Business Success Manager

Diederick Slotboom


This program has helped me to try and discover different service lines and roles and solely get used to my first job. It’s the ideal combination of having a full-time job and still having enough learning opportunities.”

– Giorgia Carassiti, Program Graduate

Giorgia Carassiti


On the work floor I feel comfortable asking the smallest questions. In the beginning I found this difficult. However, I realized that it’s better to ask questions directly when I don’t know much about something, and based on various approaches from different colleagues, I develop much faster.”

– Javad Khalilli, Program Graduate

Javad Khalilli


If we’ve inspired you to be a part of our Graduate Talent Program and you can't wait to get started with us, then you’re invited to apply by sending us your CV!

Our application and selection procedure consists of the following steps:

  • A CV

  • An online assessment for shortlisted candidates

  • A selection interview for shortlisted candidates

If you have questions about the program or you'd like to apply, please email

 Apply for roles in The Channel Islands


  • 2:2 or 2:1 undergraduate degree in any discipline

  • Experience within the financial services sector by way of internships or paid placements preferrable, but not essential

  • A desire to work for a value-led and inclusive company that supports people to be their very best by providing both training and experience opportunities to progress within their chosen field

  • Fluent in English, written and spoken

  • Hold the necessary right-to-work documentation for the U.K. or Channel Islands

  • Available 40 hours per week

 Apply for roles in The Netherlands


  • A (nearly) completed master’s degree in (Dutch) corporate law (preferably tax law, business law, notarial law, private law) or a bachelor’s or master’s degree in accounting, business economics, or finance and control

  • Additional for the Business Compliance Officer role: you’re interested to gain in-depth knowledge in laws, regulations, and procedures, in particular Wtt 2018, Wwft 2018 and Sanction regulations

  • A maximum of two years of work experience

  • Communication skills (written and spoken) in English (and preferably also in Dutch)

  • Available 40 hours per week

 Apply for roles in Luxembourg

Legal job requirements and qualifications:

  • A (nearly) completed master’s degree in corporate law, tax law, business law, notarial law, fiscal law, private law

  • Having a first experience in financial services or a first exposure in legal is a plus (i.e., internships)

  • Fluent in English, written and spoken; any additional language is an advantage

  • A desire to succeed, learn, grow, be challenged, and challenge others

  • Available 40 hours per week

Accounting job requirements and qualifications:

  • A (nearly) completed bachelor’s or master’s degree in accounting, finance, economics, or business

  • Having a first experience in financial services or a first exposure to accounting is a plus (i.e., internships)

  • Fluent in English, written and spoken. Any additional language is an advantage

  • A desire to succeed, learn, grow, be challenged, and challenge others

  • Available 40 hours per week


  • What are the entry requirements for the program?

    Different entry requirements are required for each location. Check the program eligibility criteria above or email to learn more about specific requirements for each location.

  • What different profiles are available within the program?

    We currently have two different tracks within the program: legal and financial-accounting graduates. It’s possible that this will be expanded even further in the future with other roles.

  • How long does the program last?

    It is a one-year program, after which a permanent place in the business is offered upon successful completion of the program.

  • What are the major components in the program?

    In addition to the rotations in which you spend a number of months within a business unit, technical and personal development training courses are planned for you. Finally, various social activities will be planned.

  • What type of training can I expect?

    More training sessions are scheduled at the beginning of the program than at the end because we want to promote your independence and autonomy during the year. Technical training will be planned to get to know our business further and to deepen in training such as risk management, annual reporting, and audit. In the area of personal development, there will be peer review moments, and training sessions including personal values and standards, effective communication, time management, and collaboration.

  • What will my expected career look like after the program?

    The program is developed to promote you to a career toward company lawyer or financial account manager. However, should the opportunity arise, you may also apply for other types of roles within the company given your broad knowledge of our organization. Please check our website for current vacancies to see what is currently available to get an idea of these types of roles and stay up to date on great opportunities by joining our talent community.

  • Why should I choose the Graduate Talent Program?

    In addition to the great number of new people you get to know and can add to your network, together we make sure you can choose a career path that suits you. If you aspire to a career within our sector but would still like to build a broad general knowledge and get a taste of different types of work within different business teams, this program might be for you.

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