Additional Business License Search Services

If you are unaware of the specific details of your business licensing, CSC® offers Business License Forensic Research services. Whether the company is active, was never properly closed, or was incorrectly listed on an application submitted to a filing authority, you can utilize our services to solve most business license issues.

Forensic research services from CSC require only minimal information about your jurisdiction and business activities and will aid your organization in identifying its business license, permit, and tax registration obligations.

You will receive a list of the filings we uncover, the type of business license, the expiration date, the last fee paid, and a copy of the business license or permit (permitting the licensing authority will reissue a copy).

For more information, please complete the brief form to the right. A CSC specialist will contact you soon to assist you in your business license forensic research needs.

CSC offers additional business license research services to help you:

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