Insurance Licensing Services

Managing your insurance producer license and other insurance-related licenses can be overwhelming. Dealing with agents and agencies, state offices and applications, and a slew of due dates are just a few of the challenges you face. Plus, the more producer licenses you have, the harder it gets to keep up.

As a result, you’re putting your ability to service clients at risk.

That’s why CSC® is proud to offer Insurance License services developed especially for the insurance industry. CSC connects you with a dedicated insurance license compliance expert, backed by a team of industry experts, who provide you with top-notch service and peace of mind. We’ll make sure you never miss a filing date and help you avoid damaging fines. In addition, you will receive access to our Business License Portfolio Management platform, where you will have full visibility into your insurance license portfolio.

When CSC manages your insurance producer license portfolio, you’ll enjoy:

  • Accelerated filings on producer license registration and renewals
  • A centralized repository of all licensing information and scanned licenses
  • Automated license expiration reminders pushed to you for review
  • Advancement of filing fees on your behalf
  • On-demand, customized reports
  • Role-based permissions and unlimited user accounts

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Insurance producer license information

In order to populate our portfolio with all of your producer license data, CSC needs the National Producer Number associated with each of your producers. We are able to assist with both resident and non-resident producers.

Insurance Adjuster License services

Will you operate as an insurance adjuster? Insurance adjusters may require a specialized license known as an adjuster license. CSC can assist in the application for a Department of Insurance adjuster license.

Insurance Broker License services

For agents and entities that sell, solicit, or negotiate insurance, CSC can assist in applying through the state Department of Insurance or equivalent office for an insurance license. Typically, insurance brokers and brokerages are considered insurance producers and must obtain an insurance producer license.

TPA License services

Will you operate as a third-party administrator (TPA)? If so, CSC can assist in obtaining a third-party administrator license, also known as a TPA license. We’ll need to know the services you are administering or will administer as a TPA.

Non Resident Insurance License services

Regardless of whether or not your producers are conducting business in their resident, or home state, or conducting business as a non-resident, often referred to as foreign state, CSC can help. CSC can assist in determining your non-resident licensing requirements and submitting your applications for a Department of Insurance non-resident license.

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