Pennsylvania Registered Agent

CSC® offers registered agent services for the state of Pennsylvania, providing your organization with a valid legal address where documents may be served. Pennsylvania mandates that businesses have a Registered Agent in order to receive legal documents, making a Registered Agent a necessity when conducting business in the state. Registered agents also ensure that businesses are properly complying with Pennsylvania incorporation business laws.

CSC can monitor whether your business is in good standing in addition to keeping precise records of your service of process histories. With CSC as your PA Registered Agent, you you’ll be assured that your corporation will fully manage its entity compliance requirements. Additional Pennsylvania Registered Agent Services include the receipt of your service of process and delivery of notices of receipt. CSC can also electronically deliver your service of process documents—completely scanned, indexed and optimized, within 24 hours.

Along with these services, with CSC as your Registered Agent in Pennsylvania you'll receive alerts when deadlines are approaching for your annual reports, business licenses, franchise tax payments, and other crucial business documents.

If you’d like more details from CSC on setting up a Pennsylvania Registered Agent, please fill out the form to the right. A CSC specialist will contact you shortly with more information.