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CSC®, a world leader of business, legal, tax, and digital brand services headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, and operating from offices throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region, has rebranded and introduced a new logo and brand identity. Click here to view our press release.

Our Launch Video


  Why the new identity?

  We felt it was time for a change. Our company has grown exponentially and evolved tremendously over the last 118 years. In the past 10 years alone, we’ve doubled in size, made strategic acquisitions, and expanded our footprint to 17 countries. Establishing a more unified visual identity for CSC strengthens our ability to bring the full scope of our global capabilities to the marketplace.

  What does the new identity mean?

  Our distinctive new look reflects the interconnected, evolving relationship we have with our clients. The infinity-style symbol helps us tell the story of our integrated solutions, and our ability to streamline operations, generate trust, and deliver exceptional results.

  How did CSC arrive at this new identity?

  From late 2014 to 2016, CSC involved employees, clients, and prospective clients in discussions about CSC’s brand strategy. We conducted online and in-person surveys, workshops, and individual interviews to help us arrive at our new identity.

  Has CSC changed its name?

  Corporation Service Company is still our legal entity name and that will not change. However, in all our marketing and promotional materials, websites, and communications, we will be calling ourselves "CSC.” Our customers have been calling us CSC for a long time, so our new brand in the marketplace is consistent with that recognition.

  Will your email addresses, along with the company URL, change with the new brand?

  No. Our email addresses will remain the same, and our home URL will still be cscglobal.com. As a customer, your login information will not change and you will continue to login to our applications via mycscglobal.com.