Compliance and Deadlines

CSC® representation, transactional, tax, and digital brand services help you meet business-critical deadlines and stay in compliance:

  • Our annual report specialists will prepare and submit all of your annual report paperwork. Your annual reports are generally ready 30 days before they're due, giving you the advantage when it comes to meeting your jurisdictional requirements.

  • Leave your business licensing worries behind with help from CSC. We take the complex job of business license and permit management and turn it into a streamlined, foolproof process. Regardless of your industry, location, or number of entities, we make it easy to meet all of your obligations in a timely, budget-minded fashion while avoiding the significant pitfalls of non-compliance.

  • With the CSC® Entity ManagementSM solution, you'll get a clear view of your company-wide governance and compliance activities, as well as valuable insight into the health and status of all your entities.

  • Global Subsidiary Management services from CSC help you meet compliance obligations internationally. Our local presence in many countries, enhanced by our robust affiliate network, will help you meet all of your subsidiaries' essential compliance obligations, regardless of where they are registered. Our services are rendered on a fixed-fee basis, minimizing billing headaches, and in many cases, offering potential cost savings.

  • Through our UCC Monitoring services, you can easily track the expiration dates of your entire portfolio of UCC financing statement filings with CSC. We will automatically notify you up to six months prior to your UCC filings' expiration dates. From this notification, you can quickly decide which UCC filings require continuation and which can lapse.

  • Our secure digital portfolio management system, CSCDomainManagerSM, simplifies the domain registration process and incorporates the power of integrated registry rules, which are regularly updated and maintained. This user-friendly interface offers single sign-on, intuitive workflow tools, and configurable portfolio management that gives you a holistic view of your digital assets, including domains and digital certificate management, DNS, trademarks, and social media usernames. As an auto-renew registrar, CSC will automatically renew your domain names and secure sockets layer certificates through CSCDomainManager, but you can also choose the self-serve option through the portal, giving you complete control over your domain portfolio.

  • Easily manage all corporate tax compliance processes with the power of Corptax® Compliance. From provision through estimates, extensions, returns, audits, and E&P analysis, Corptax Compliance delivers a system proven to increase speed, efficiency, and accuracy. Plus, Corptax Compliance makes it effortless to repurpose compliance and provision data for unlimited planning scenarios.

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