Our History

For more than 120 years, CSC® has provided business solutions to the world’s largest corporations, law firms, and financial institutions.

CSC was founded in 1899 by two Delaware attorneys, Josiah Marvel and Christopher Ward, who saw an opportunity to simplify the way corporations were formed, operated, and maintained their compliance. Through the years, the dependability and inherent value of CSC’s services helped establish Delaware as the legal home to thousands of major corporations.

Over more than a century, CSC has expanded its offerings to include an impressive array of enterprise-specific solutions. Wherever there’s a business challenge in the U.S. or around the world, CSC is there with the tools to meet the challenge head-on. Our world-class service and technology enable smoother transactions, smarter knowledge-based decisions, better compliance, improved collaboration, stronger online brand protection, and more efficient management of corporate and legal data.

But it didn’t happen overnight.

CSC existed primarily as a small firm through the first half of the 20th century, but things began to pick up in 1968 with the acquisition of rival Capital Trust Company. Through the 1970s and 1980s, CSC continued to grow, but still maintained a relatively modest staff within the state of Delaware.

In 1990, CSC expanded beyond its First State borders with the acquisition of Corporation Information Services in Tallahassee, Florida. That would be a standout in the company’s history, as measured by growth and market share. By the mid-‘90s, CSC’s workforce spanned 32 offices across 10 states as the company prepared for what would be two decades of constant growth at a clip of about two acquisitions per year.

The company would acquire Prentice Hall Legal & Financial Services, Entity Service Group, LLC, and The Corporation Company before the turn of the century. Then, in 2000, CSC became an accredited domain name registrar through the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, in anticipation of bringing on more clients as the Digital Age began to reach a fever pitch.

In 2003, CSC acquired Lexis-Nexis Document Solutions, supplementing its Uniform Commercial Code business, as well as secured lending and motor vehicle services. Later, in 2011, CSC explored the realm of tax preparation and reporting with the acquisition MLM Information Services, which included Corptax, Inc., and Tax Compliance, Inc.

In 2011, CSC entered the electronic document recording (eRecording) industry in the United States, with the acquisition of Ingeo Systems. Shortly thereafter, CSC was recognized by the 2012 Mortgage Technology Awards for its positive impact on the mortgage industry, and today remains the most secure eRecording solution for real estate documents.

With the acquisitions of Melbourne IT, IP Mirror, the Koehler Group, and NetNames over the next half-decade, CSC expanded its global reach—now with offices in 15 countries, including Australia, China, and Singapore—but also bolstered one of the company’s core business units: Digital Brand Services.

Today, CSC serves the world’s largest corporations, law firms, and financial institutions with a unique range of solutions for every stage of the business cycle in more than 120 jurisdictions worldwide. We’ve augmented our business a great deal since 1899, but at our core, we are still a service company, and we’ve never lost sight of our founders’ goals: to make business easier and more profitable wherever it’s done.