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Helping your business expand its global footprint

Making the move from being a U.S.-based company to going global is a big jump. International expansion presents many challenges and questions along the way. How will you ensure you're legally compliant to do business in a particular country and jurisdiction? How will you recruit local talent to perform daily operating tasks? If a language barrier exists, how will you manage accounting, payroll services, and bank account management?

CSC's local presence in many countries, enhanced by our robust affiliate network, will help you meet all your subsidiaries' essential compliance obligations for market expansion. With CSC, you will work with one international market expansion provider, eliminating the need for multiple vendors and law firms, and reducing your administrative burdens.

International market expansion services from CSC

Specific to the markets in Hong Kong, Singapore, and China, CSC offers the following international services:

  • Domiciliation and management of a registered office address, local resident directors, leased office space, and phone, fax, and email services
  • Legal compliance and administration, including opening bank accounts, trademark registrations, corporate structuring and restricting, and deregistration or winding up services
  • Accounting and payroll services and bank account management for global markets
  • Tax compliance with corporate and personal tax filing and returns, and exemption claims to ensure that your international expansion is compliant with all localities
  • Trade and supply chain solutions for documentation, factory audit and inspection, and warehouse delivery coordination
  • Recruitment and HR services, including Visa applications and employment contracts—especially vital for proper global expansion

Why choose CSC for international expansion

For 120 years, CSC has provided solutions for every phase of the business life cycle, and our knowledge based-solutions, expertise, and personal approach help businesses run smoother.

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