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UCC 201: Advanced Issues for Searchers and Filers

Thursday, December 3, 11 AM (ET)

Thursday, December 3, 2 PM (ET)

Join us for a deeper look into more complex issues that can trip up UCC searchers and filers.

UCC 201 for Law Firms: Advanced Filing Techniques and Post Perfection Pitfalls

Wednesday, December 9, 11 AM (ET)

Wednesday, December 9, 2 PM (ET)

Join us to learn best practices surrounding fixture filings and post-filing pitfalls.

Join us for our new bite-sized webinar series, Briefly Speaking, helping legal professionals tackle every day challenges more effectively. Each webinar is 30 minutes long and will provide essential new skills, tips, and best practices.

Part 1: UCC Concepts and Due Diligence

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Part 2: Briefly Speaking: UCC Article 9 Filing Essentials – The All-Important Debtor Name

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Part 3: Document Certification – Legalization, Authentication, and Apostille

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Part 4: UCC Filing - Addresses, Indications, and Other Information

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Part 5: Steps for Entity Formation
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Part 6: UCC Filing – Post Filing Considerations
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Part 7: November 17,
Dissolutions and Withdraws Best Practices

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